I might be going mad.. BUT! I swear the prices on THE LV website have INCREASED!!!

  1. Can anyone check and verify? I remember I saw the pomme cles for just 100 pounds! now its 105!!!!!!

    thats a 5% mark up!

    and i was looking at the epi montaigne clutch.. asked my SA last sat.. she said its 380.. now its showing on the website as 400!!!!

    i apologise if i sound too dramatic. :wtf:

    edit: i meant to include this. its the UK LV website I'm referring to...
  2. i think there is a price increase everywhere:tdown:
  3. Looks like they have! My damier card holder is now 78 instead of 75, boo! :sad:
  4. Yup they've def gone up! The Zippy Coin Purse I want is now £145 from £135! Arg!!!:hysteric: And the bandeau I bought at the weekend for £59 is now £65.
  5. OMG yes, certain bags like the tivoli went up from £590 to £620. OH NOOOOOOOO oh well i suppose the uk price increase is not the 23rd Jan but today :sad:
  6. doesn't seem like the US prices went up (yet)..my Houston and Rosewood are at same prices still ($1450 and $870) as several of the other vernis items (vernis cles is still at $200)
  7. yes! well. i bought my rayeur and cles over the weekend, but they're not on the website so i don't know how much they will be now.

    bah! and i just placed myself on the waitlist for the epi montaigne in black! its just 20 quid increase, but hey ho! :s

    oh well... i'll just make myself feel better by thinking i got the rayeur and cles at a DEAL. hehe.
  8. Yes! You are right!
    Also in the french website!
  9. The price increase went up today in the UK...sorry about that guys...no increase in Norway.
  10. is this because the rate of GBP eased off?
  11. Oh no! I was hoping we'd escape the hike I guess not btw it's already factored into the new releases prices
  12. i don't see an increase for the US either.
  13. it has? LOL. and there i was deluding myself again. :sweatdrop:

    oh well. i might be grumbling now, but come saturday.. guess who will be happily trotting down the road to LV again?

    tee hee. btw - new scarves are on the website!:drool:
  14. Yes, I can say that prices have increased in LV French site too.. :crybaby:
  15. did the monogram shawl increase in price? if so, how much? tia