I might be going blind.....

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  1. I was looking at an auction for 2 chloe paddington bags from the same seller but now not 1 but both of these bags have disappeared.:confused1: :wtf:

    I even put them in my ebay and it just varnished. What happened?

    I tried to search for the completed listings and nothing. Am I going blind or what? :s If the listing was cancelled wouldn't it say so?

    Or maybe they were ghost bags. Spooky.:sweatdrop: :nuts:
  2. maybe the listings were removed by ebay
  3. I agree with siworae, maybe ebay pulled them off! They have been doing a lot of that recently!
  4. No but usually I would get an email from eBay about that.
  5. I was watching a Balenciaga bag and that auction disappeared too-- I found the seller's name and now they're a NRU. (And danggit, this chick had *great* authentic bags! :sad: ) Maybe the seller's not registered anymore?
  6. thats happened to me. i bought a fake once, and after i paid, ebay removed the listing so when you typed in the number it wouldn't come up. i think they stopped sending out notifications that the listings were removed from authenticity issues, because, like i said, i paid for the bag and ebay sent me a letter telling me they removed the listing but they wouldn't say what for. it's privacy and they don't want to look stupid for allowing fakes in the first place, so i think that they just stopped sending emails about them. for me, i coulda died, it was a long story with paypal after that. ended happily though...
  7. Oh so I am not going :nuts:
  8. you won't get a notice from ebay unless you have bid on them, i've been having quite a few things disappear from my watch list! It sucks cause a couple were gonna be awesome deals if i had gotten the chance to snipe them!