I might be done obsessing...for now...

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  1. I think I can finally relax for a while....
    I was going crazy for a while looking at all the *gorgeous* LV bags on here and trying to figure out what I which one I wanted ( actually I want them all :love: ). I had just won a great Speedy 30 a few weeks before and wanted "just one more..." ( I know I know..that's how it all starts..) and then saw the BH and loved the way it looked. I ordered it from elux and ::SIGH:: It was just too small for me I think... :crybaby: But I did keep the Panda keychain that came that day too....:heart: 'd that for sure!
    Then I tried to find another LV to love. Thought I found it in the Cabas Piano, bought it on ebay ( from Mypoupette seller) & turned around and sold it the day after I bought it... I need the Mezzo in that style. Then that day same I bought the Speedy 40 and finally decided on a Deauville ( another Mypoupette seller on ebay) and I think I'm done! I was looking at the Speedy 35, but since everyone is seeming to get that one, I wanted something a little different and went with the Deauville because it looks ROOMY & cute :yahoo:

    Now I just want a Mezzo,but I will be good and wait..... for now :graucho:

    Hello....my name is LV_Mama_AZ and I am a LV-obsesser....:wtf:
  2. Wow...my head is spinning...
    LOL at the last line!!!
    At least you are not in denial about being an obsesser. The first step is always admitting!!!
  3. You've been a busy girl! That's the problem with LV, the more you look the more you'll find better, gorgeous bags.
  4. lol...It will never end...
  5. OMG.... you really wrote your mind when spinning, i can feel it too now.
    my last purchase is a cerise speedy & i think i'm done for now. but i'm drooling at another mj stam in black. it's big & it's cute....
    i understand what u feel too :crybaby:
  6. I'm done with my 2 Speedies (35 and 40). If I get another one, it'd be the Damier Speedy 30 but we'll see if I get it in HI.
  7. :wacko: Wow you have been a busy woman!
    :yahoo:You should definitely get the Mezzo - its a keeper! :P
  8. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied.
  9. Sometimes it feels like torture in my mind. This bag, that bag, here's a bag, there's a bag. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!! Then I say, "Do I really need another bag?" NO, of course not. Do I buy it anyway......yea. :sad:
  10. Hehehe,,,,,,that was me too :roflmfao: That's why I am STILL thinking about the Mezzo.... :love:
  11. i can totally sympathize with you- i like to blame it on the heat!
  12. why when i saw that did i know you were from az too.... maybe because it's 115' today here... :wtf: :Push:

    is that why i bought a Cherry Blossom Pochette last night at midnight ...:love:

    it was the heat...i swear...it was STILL 100' outside then at midnight... it was the heat i tell ya..... :roflmfao: