I met two chloe PFers for drinks yesterday!!!

  1. I met two PFers yesterday (NYCMOM & KMSNYC) for drinks at union square NYC. I met them on the chloe forum awhile back. I had the best time ever. Now i have two new friends who like to shop as much as I do :yahoo: Chloe gals rock :rochard:!!! :heart: :heart:
  2. Aww, that's nice!
    It's fun to have friends who have same interests. :smile:
  3. Ahhh that's really nice :heart:

    I hope some of us UK chloe gals can meet up sometime ;)
  4. I wish I lived where more pfers were...must be nice!
  5. That sounds fabulous!!! Wish I could've joined you gals I really need a drink and some girl time these days:drinks:!!!
  6. That sounds like so much fun. Im in the UK but dont think im anywhere near any of the members. It would be fun meeting up and having some girlie and handbag chats,lol.
  7. i was in union sq. with my paddy yesterday...! sounds like fun... i hope you girls stayed cool! it's stinking hot here:sweatdrop:
  8. sounds like you girls had fun! wish some PFers lived near me:yes:
  9. Yea it was sooooo hot. We were at the belmont lounge but outside in the back... :beach:
  10. W:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::heart:ow - you and your friends look like models!!! LOL!
    That is so cool that you hooked up with new friends who won't give you grief about " Did you get another Bag????"
    We should start a thread that gets local tPF gals together from each city.
    Any Suggestions??
  11. Sorry, just learning how to use the smilies!
  12. Chloebagfreak! I think I read that you are in the Valley, right? I am moving back home... to Cali in 2-3 weeks!!! We should get together at the Topanga Plaza ~~Nordstrom sometime!
  13. LOL, that's the runway show for my current favorite designer... LOLOLOLOL

    Hmmmm, there are usually PF meetings all over the place... but I've only met chloe PFers so far. There's a sticky in the Gen. Discussion forum.
  14. Sarmel, definitely, PM me and let me know when.
    That would be cool if we got a few ladies and met at the Farm at Beverly Hills restaurant in the Topanga Mall.
    I used to ice skate there when I was little:jammin:
  15. I would totally be up for that too! Just moved to the west coast (sort of, hard to believe it's been almost a year) from NJ so always looking to meet new peeps.

    If you look in the general discussion thread there should also be a link for local get togethers.


    I met up with the LA group several weeks back. We went to the Beverly Center and then some of us went to Rodeo as well. It was a lot of fun and there are plans for a Labor Day meet at the Cabazon outlets. I even have plans to meet up with one of the gals when I go to San Fran in Oct. She just so happened to be in the LA area for our outing.

    I'm so glad I found tpf, so many nice people!