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I MET THE CEO OF LV!!!! (plus some ATL bag sitings and a purchase!)


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
girls, i'm back from my vacay, and let me tell you, it was a WILD day! i went in to Atlanta to shop and one of my first stops was Louis Vuitton - something was weird from the start because there were about a million SAs in there (odd, i thought, for noon on a Thursday) and they were all on their BEST behavior. every person in that store said hi at least once, if not more than once, which is usually not the case. i thought maybe it was because i was carrying my LV Babylone tote, but there were also several people wearing LV bags accompanying a man wearing a suit and speaking french, so i thought maybe they were from corporate and that's why the SAs were so well-behaved. but i didn't think too much of it and went on to the mall next door. i went to say hi to my regular SA at Saks, which has an LV boutique inside it, and the same group of people were looking around the LV boutique there by the time i was ready to leave. my SA (who is quite chatty) leaned over to me and whispered 'see that tall man in the suit? THAT'S THE CEO OF LOUIS VUITTON!' so she took me over and introduced me! i shook his hand and said hi and she told him i was a very good customer of the brand, lol. i have never been happier to be carrying an LV in my entire life than i was today - imagine if i had been carrying something else when i met the ceo of LV! he was quite a gentleman and very nice.

i should have asked for a job. damn, missed my chance.

and i also saw some bags that y'all might be interested in acquiring:

- plenty of perforated speedys, pochettes, etc. in all colors at both LV Atlanta and the LV inside of Saks Atlanta

Neiman Marcus Atlanta/Lenox Square
- Chanel - Large White Reissue
- Fendi - Cognac Spy (plus, it was listed at $1980 on the tag, so if you want one and don't have an NM in your state you'd get it for less than what they usually retail for, plus no sales tax!)
- Balenciaga - Black work/office
- Chloe - Pocket Paddington in black and taupe (not nearly as big as i thought it would be - actually quite cute!)

Saks Atlanta/Phipps Plaza
- Chanel - Large grey reissue and black reissue in all sizes
- Chloe - Paddington hobo in grenat (considered getting it, but passed it up. not quite what i want, but really beautiful and comfortable to wear).
- Fendi - Embroidered denim and striped denim spys, honey hobo, and white small satchel (considered getting that one too)

Bloomingdales Atlanta/Lenox Square
- Fendi: black and white small spy satchels, hobos in basically every color

now for my purchase: i bought a grey Bulga at Barney's Co-op!!! i'll take pics when i get back to Athens, but the color is quite similar to the noir color of the Paddington and i had never seen a bulga that color before - i checked around on all the websites that i know that carry them, and it's not anywhere! i got their last non-floor model, too, it took me all of 10 seconds to see it and buy it, lol. the leather is so freakin' yummy! lol i have like a secret color or something.

i also saw the Botkier Large bianca satchel at Intermix and i really think i'm going to order on from activeendeavors.com (since i get 20% off, no tax, and free shipping, lol, why would i buy one in a store?). the leather is so great and the shape and feel of the bag are really beautiful. it's a little bigger than the Paddington and can fit on my shoulder - i think i've found my perfect black bag, i'm so excited!

it's been a truly excellent bag weekend, i hope someone out there finds the bag sitings helpful!


Jan 8, 2006
hey amanda

i'm glad to hear that you're back! And wow! your holiday... wow! i can't believe it... you got so many lovely new bags! good on ya!!! can't wait to see pics... *sigh* i wish i lived in the States i would so jump on a chanel bag right now!!!!!

glad to have you back!!!!

from helen


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
clanalois said:
OMG that's amazing! What did he look and sound like? I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

he was really tall, probably 6'6" or above, slender, dark-haired, and middle aged. he had a beautiful french accent :smile:

i forgot to add -

Hermes Atlanta had two Kelly's, one in blue jean and one in dark brown (although it might have been black, i only looked for a moment). i don't know what size, but they looked about medium, so maybe a 25? Dior in Saks also had a good selection of Gauchos, although i only saw them from afar so i didn't note specific colors or sizes (i know i saw whites and reds, though)

and i also saw a lady walking around with a GORGEOUS tan ostrich Birkin (don't know what size, largish, though) and anther lady with a smaller black one. half the fun of going to those malls is looking at everyone else's bags!