I met Ms. BagSnob today!

  1. Seriously!
    She's a doll and enjoys our website and enjoys taking down counterfeit websites just like us!:yes:
    She said she and her partner visit once in a while and hopefully she'll check in tonight so I can say "Hello! Nice to meet you @ Chanel this afternoon!":kiss:
  2. Oh, how fun! I love her blog! Was she fabulously dressed from head to toe?
  3. oooo Swanky! Were you SHOPPING for something???? Details please!
  4. Um yeah, pretty much!
    Had a pretty white sundress and now, don't throw eggs at me because I am NOT an Hermes buyer. . . but I *think* she was carrying an hermes bag{?}

    Cute as a button!
  5. my pretty rhinestone shades had a chip in them. . . I had to take them back.
    The SA, Alexis gave me oodles of brochures and stuff to look at . . . he let me look through their item book. . . the wholesale prices were in it and BagSnob and I were DYING over the markup! LOL!
  6. That is so cool! I cannot wait to meet someone from the PF! How fun!!!
  7. That is seriously neat!

    I'm going to ramble around Michigan until jag finds me. Then I'm moving through the South until swanky finds me. I feel like this is a good plan.
  8. LOL! 300% or so??? That is what retail does to our jewelry!
  9. ^no, wholesale was more like 40% less. That's not what their costs are of course though.
    But on a $2k bag, that's a big difference!
  10. Yes it is! I think I need a job where I get a discount... [​IMG]
  11. :yahoo:Yeah!!! C'mon to Michigan!!! Would love that! I promise to keep you out of trouble:P Well, unless we go shopping! LOL!!!
  12. How much fun!! How did you recognize her or was it a planned meeting??
  13. love it; cant wait to run into someone from PF; anyone in the Coral Gables area? anyone? lol
  14. Hey Jag and IntlSet! I am from Michigan too. I will probably so shy if I met someone from PF. I don't have an IT bag to show off.
  15. Oh Megs!! I just love your little Queen!! LOL! She's SO cute!!