I met JILL today!

  1. I met JILL today! She was such a doll! What a nice and BEAUTIFUL woman! And she sold me my first Prada! It was fun, we drank coffee and talked about all of you for two hours...just kidding we didnt really talk about the PF at all! Isnt that a hoot!

    Shout out to Jill! It was so nice to meet you today!

  2. Awww! I love how PF members are meeting. I'm glad you two had fun and congrats on the Prada! :smile:
  3. AWWWWE! It was so much fun to meet you too!!! 2 hours and one cup of coffee later....a new friend is born! LOL! Cant wait to meet up again...(Selena is a sweetie!...and she beat me to this post!!HEE!~HEE!)
  4. That is too cool.
  5. And don't we all want to meet Jill and Selena!! How fab guys!!
  6. ^ Yes we do! :biggrin:
  7. & Doesn't It Seem As The Two Of You Have Known Each Other Forever?!!!!!

    I'm So Glad It Was Great Time....& Many More To Come!
  8. Sweet!!! As I am shopping in my favorite malls hawking what women are carrying. I always wonder if its someone from the forum. Not being shy, one day I will walk up to someone and just ask lol
  9. I also was able to meet up in person with Jillybean last week...ANOTHER AMAZING PFER!!!!!!!!!!!!! So lucky to have such nice friends!!
  10. Awesome! Isn't it fun to just sit and chat over a good cup of coffee? or a martini? hee hee. I am hoping to meet a PF member when I move to NY next week (I am moving just 10 minutes from her!).
  11. I'm jealous of ALL of you that have met!! When is it my turn?!
  12. I agree with Selena, Jill is super sweet and beautiful (and she has a great name IMHO, hehe). It was so much fun meeting another PFer!

    Serendipity: I do the same thing! Anytime I see someone walking down the street with a really nice bag, I think, "Hmmm, I wonder if she's on PF?"
  13. Not fair! Everyone's been meeting PF members lately but my time will come soon, the 13th of May that is! woohoo!

    Yay for Jill and Selena, two great members and a great union!!
  14. It's amazing, everybody meeting up!

    Jill's the greatest online -- not surprised to hear more nice things about her, in person.
  15. I think as the admin of purseblog, both you and Vlad need to fly over to CA and join us on the forum's first big convention! ;)