I Met Bags4Bubbles Today Yeah!!

  1. Time went by so fast!! Met Diana at 12 Oaks Mall, we went to Macy's and we each bought a mini skinny, I got black Sig and she got watercolor. Then we went to lunch and she gave me a beautiful purse charm for my brithday, we share a 5/5 bday. She was so sweet!!! Then it was off to get starbucks. Oh and she twisted my arm:graucho: and I got the Coach Solid Perfume.

    Hope we can get together with the other MI boardies, it was so much fun. Next time I am meeting her at Somerset because I have to return something. (good reason for a lunch date and coach run ya think?)She is the pretty younger one on the right!!
  2. wow!! sounds good!! glad you both had fun and advance happy bday to both of you =)
  3. Cool, glad you guys had fun. Shopping for Coach, Starbucks and lunch is def. the prefect day. :smile:
  4. You will have to meet up with us when we go to the new coach outlet in Howell, whenever it opens. I keep hearing May, or June or Fall.
  5. Happy Birthday to you :whistle:
    Sounds like you guys had a great time! I am also in MI, the Livonia area.
    I would love to get 2 gether with you gals!
    I didn't know about the outlet opening in Howell, whoo hoo!!!
  6. OMG we are neighbors!! I frequent, 12 oaks, and Laure Park Place alot! So many friends here from SE MI
  7. OMG!! You guys look alike! :yes: My hubby's best friend live in MI and last time we were there time didn't allow for a trip to 12 oaks. His wife wanted to take me there, but maybe next time. We hope to go sometime this summer. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful morning!!! :girlsigh:

    Happy cince de mayo birthday girls!!! :balloon:
  8. I live 2 miles from Laurel Park, we should check out the Coach counter sometime @ Parisian :yes:
  9. sound like you to had a blast!! Happy Birthday to the both of you!!
  10. Ahhh... thank you! You're too kind! :yes:

    I had a great time, it was great to meet a fellow tPFer AND someone with the the same b'day!! Double whammy! Hopefully we can let anyone that is interested in know about our future shopping dates, as it was great to shop with some that *understands* the importance of handbags & Coach!!! :p

    LOL...still waitting on my other pics to come through. I'm thinking that the system may be taking a long time or something, because the first one I sent came through zip - and the others are no where to be found. I like your pic of us two better anyhow!

    Next shopping adventure: :graucho: Somerset, here we come!!!
  11. That's so cool, that you two got to hang out. You look like you were having a blast.Again, hope you have fantastic birthdays!!
  12. Happy Birthday, ladies! What a fun way to spend the day! And what are the odds of sharing a birthday with a fellow PFer who lives in your own area!? Very cool!
  13. How sweet! I'm glad you had the perfect day together.
  14. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! That's so cool you guys got to meet!
    Since this seems like mostly MI ladies, I"m going to Somerset on Monday. Are there any musts i should do there? It's my first time. I want to go to Tiffany for my mom's bday and that is so far the only real goal. If you could let me know, that'd be great!
  15. Happy birthday, gals!! You picked a great way to celebrate. It's neat that you were able to meet up and shop together. I'd love to meet up with you guys next time you go. :yes: