I met another TPF member today!

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  1. I'm sorry but I already forgot the username :sweatdrop: but I know it started with a W I think? and she started on tokidoki because of her son's girlfriend (she posted that a while back)

    It was funny but of all the places to run into her it was at my school commons!! (housing cafeteria) haha she saw my bag and then somewhere down the line suspected me of being tehlilone :yes: altho I didn't know some people couldn't tell what my name was... it's the little one btw ;) in case anyone else is wondering... but hehe it was soooo cool! my bf was just sorda like this :blink: since he was with me but yeah I thought I'd share that!
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: That's super cool!! How strange that she was able to figure out it was you!!
  3. Yea, that is strange. How fun that must have been!
  4. maybe it's that thread where some of us posted pics? haha but it was funny she was there with a school group as one of the chaperones :smile: it was the weirdest place though for a random meeting
  5. Hi Little One!! It's I_Love_Tokidoki from LJ!! Hee Hee
  6. Welcome I_LOVE_Tokidoki!! It's lattesinlove from LJ! :graucho:
  7. haha... i'm tehlilone everywhere... it makes things more simple ;) and welcome! you need to post pics of your stuff in the forum too!
  8. I found out who I ran into! it was wawahki! hahaha sorry that was random but I wanted to post it since i forgot earlier
  9. everytime i see someone w/tokidoki here, i ask if they're a member here, just in case they are. ya never know & that would neat.
  10. Yes Tehlilone it was me. I just had a feeling it might be you with that Inferno bag. I have seen one other student on the UCI campus with a Tokidoki so far. When I went up to her and asked about her bag, she didn'n know the pattern and style so I knew she COULD NOT be from this forum. So of course when I asked you and you knew what I was talking about, I figured that you had to be from the forum and Tehlilone was the only one that I knew was from UCI.

    And yes I was with a group of students. I am with Bio Sci Outreach. We try and bring students from schools to campus to encourage them to think about the sciences. That was a small group for me (only 24). I have had 3 bus loads of students come before.

    After I saw your bag, I decided that I HAD to have the foresta Portatelefono with the blue bird on eBay. I have been checking the auctions for Foresta and this was just too perfect a placement for me. I love the blue bird. My husband's comment was "well you need a camera bag don't you so go ahead".

    He doesn't know about the preorder from Pulse yet.

  11. lol that's great :biggrin: that's kind of funny tho just one other person? there are usually more roaming on campus... but then again the most I saw in one day was probably 5 or 6 bags :smile: how often do you come with the bio sci outreach?
  12. I met a fellow TPF member at Macys. Well she hadn't posted yet but she did after I talked to her. Hi Kathy!
  13. That would be cool to run into a TPF member. If I happen to spot someone with a toki bag I'm always afraid to ask them if they're from the forum cuz I think what if they know nothing about tokis and just bought it cuz it was cute? Then they'd think I was crazy for approaching them. Next time I see someone tho .. I'll say something :biggrin:
  14. thats awesome! i remember when i met hazelnut @ Macys in Stoneridge :] when i got there, she already had an amore dolce in hand and there were 3 other dolces left. i ended up picking one of the dolces and while we were waiting for an SA to ring us up, she asked me if i happened to be a member of TPF and we just started talking from there :biggrin: that was pretty cool! i wonder if i'll meet any more of you guys? :biggrin:
  15. you'll only meet me if you come down to orange county or san diego :lol: I rarely leave so cal