I met AccessoryObsessory today!

  1. We planned to meet at a local coffee shop located at the back of a bookstore. I was early and browsing some magazines when I noticed a Paddy dangling next to me. "Nice Bag" I say - I think that was the code word. Thank god I didn't chat up some stranger and that it was AccessoryObsessory. Not only do we have the same Shopping Tote (neither of us bought it with us today), but we had the same Chanel sunnies perched on our heads and have a mutual friend (and I think we bought the same magazines)! Great to meet you AO. I think we should do a shopping day for the ladies in Holland! Watch out PC H!
  2. OMG, that's so great. People in this PF are meeting each other left and right. Very cool.
  3. Wow that is so cool! How fun!
  4. I LOVE that comment!!! :biggrin: hehe... it's like a secret cult club we're in!
  5. Man everyones meeting up! YAY! PF members UNITE!
  6. I wanna meet people! lol
    I'll be in Rotterdam soon, and the Hague isn't so far away...maybe the three of us could meet. :biggrin:
  7. Definitely! Next time I'll leave the squawking 11 month old at home (with his dad).
  8. That's awesome!!! I just love hearing stories like that!
  9. Cool
  10. Another PF meet?! Wow! :nuts: I should start complimenting bags more often :P
  11. It's been so cool hearing about members meeting each other lately. I would love to meet someone, but being in Wisconsin I doubt that would happen.
  12. This is so awesome. I'm happy that PF has been able to bring different people with similar interests together. It's exciting to share similar passions with other people.
  13. VERY cool!
  14. Great !!!
  15. That's too cute !