I met a PFer today!!

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  1. I was shopping with my friend today at Louis Vuitton, she was buying a damier speedy 30 (sooo cute). The SA was super nice and thought I knew a lot about the bags, maybe she was a bit surprised. There's been issues with that bag's lining and I learned about it on the forum.

    She finally asked if I got my info online and I said yes and asked if I was a PF member!! It was great, then she told me another SA was also a member. We all had a good laugh over it. tPF bringing people together all over the world!

    Now I'm convinced, we're just nicer people than your average purse collector!

    (I just realized I posted this in the wrong place and that's why I couldn't find it :smile:)
  2. Aw, that's a sweet story! :tender:
  3. That sounds great. I love those kind of stories!
  4. haha that's so cute!!!
  5. how fun!! i've only met one sweet PFer and it was great to meet "one of us" irl .
  6. someone i went to elementary school with is a tPFer as i later found out. we're both bbag obsessed!
  7. Very nice story.
    I always wonder if there are people on here that I know... without knowing it.
  8. well the PF is simply a great community of wonderful and stylish ppl!!
  9. Actaully, I believe the original was moved to General Discussion, I'll close this one so there's not 2 threads.
Thread Status:
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