I met a mink IRL

  1. Awhile back there was some discussion about the drummed leather in the new mink color. It was fondly nicknamed Dumbo. Yesterday I saw a mink Ramona and I was disappointed to see that it had a subtle random metallic sheen that made the bag feel stiff. The off white ring in drummed leather was as soft as butter. Has anyone seen the navy drummed leather? I'm curious how it feels.
  2. Nope.:ban:
  3. I have only seen the black...in the Roxie. Me likey! But if you want to see a most excellent drummed leather bag, take a trip to your nearest Ferragamo boutique. They have a gorgeous mink colored drummed leather that is being used in some of their new Origami Collection bags. It is WOW!
  4. I think I saw a mink Roxie last week. Very nice...very different.

    I also saw a white leather Alicia, surprisingly it looks better when it is worn (compared to just looking at the bag, if that makes any sense). It has zipper on it (which quite rare for jc), which I like.
  5. I'm dying to see one IRL. Haven't yet.
  6. jburgh, A Ferragamo boutique like a BV and JC boutique are only in my dreams. Shopping here stinks. Nordies gets 3 JC bags in and they send out for bottles of the bubbly and shout from the roof tops. I did do some checking though on the JC site and I think what the SA was calling a mink drummed leather might have been the textured metallic leather which would explain why it didn't feel anything like the off white drummed leather ring. Based on that, maybe the navy is soft too?
  7. Hi LLANeedle

    I have the mink ramona and it is very soft and so light to carry. I was holding out for the navy but when I saw the mink I had to have it. It's so pretty. I'm now saving again for the navy!