I messed up my eyebrows...


Jan 11, 2007
Well they have been like this for a couple years (off an on) but I haven't gotten them waxed in awhile, and they got messy, so I decided to just pluck myself (I break out everytime I get them waxed).
Anyways, they aren't shaped the same way. Anyone know how I can fix this myself?? I like the way my right one is shaped, but not my left one. I'd like to fix the left if possible. You can see in the pictures, the left eyebrow suddenly gets smaller (not sure how to explain it :confused1:) but do you guys know what I mean? Like its not a smooth curve

So in the picture below, my right eyebrow is on the left side of the picture, and my left is on the right side.

Close up of right side

Close up of left side



Jan 11, 2007
I wish I could help, but I get mine treaded because I do not trust myself to do my own:P
I'm assuming thats a typo and you mean threaded? :P

I got mine threaded once too, but I broke out in the same way. I really want to get them waxed or threaded again, but I don't know how to prevent myself from breaking out! And it's always exactly 2 days after they are threaded/waxed. I'm assuming its just from my skin being irritated/pulled at a lot at one time.
Advice for that too? Thanks! :tup:


Oct 1, 2007
First of all, your eyebrows don't look bad at all so no worries :flowers:

With that said, I can understand how something that minor can bother you. My right eyebrow is more sparse and doesn't grow as long on the ends. It's always been like that, so the only thing I can do is fill in my eyebrows to make it look more even with my left eyebrow.

In your case, it looks like you may want to fill in your left eyebrow with pencil or eye shadow while new hairs grow in so that you can reshape them to make it look more even with the right side.


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Nov 24, 2007
Your eyebrows look symetrical to me, but you see them everyday, so you'd recognize the smallest changes...

If anything (& I'm not sure, so a second opinion would help) the "close up of left side" looks to me that it could be taken up a little, somewhere toward the middle and end...

I've been irritated by my eyebrows also & I never over do them. They were always neat & natural, but after one time I may have just slightly over plucked, I've found my brow hair isn't really growing back.. does anyone else have this problem and or know a solution for this (that works?)


Jul 16, 2007
Nashville, TN
I'm not an expert by ANY means, lol but I would even out the left one and pluck a tad bit more on the fatter part close to your nose (like 5-6 hairs on the bottom)

I don't think they look bad at all, though :biggrin:


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Jul 19, 2007
I don't think it looks too bad really...I would just let it grow out and the re do them.


Jun 18, 2007
I see what you're talking about. Maybe you just had a little sparse patch and didn't realize until you tweezed beneath it?... It's really not that bad though. I wouldn't try to fix it. I'd just fill it in with pencil and wait for it to grow back :yes:


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Aug 2, 2007
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In the mean time you can fill them in with a bit of powder to even them out, but I would say don't pluck anymore. I can see that you have over plucked from the interior. Your brow line should meet up with the inside corner or your eye, and should end at about a 45 degree angle from you eye end. If you pluck too much from the interior, you will make your eyes far set apart.

To make them look cleaner, I would suggest to pluck the STRAY hairs that are underneath the tail end of your brow, and the stray hairs where the hairline/brow meet. DO NOT pluck anymore from the interior.

Use the tweezer to see where the alignment meets (inside and end) and use a while pencil to draw the shape you want. Also only pull ONE hair, not groups.

Wish you luck.