I Meet the Vice President and Prime Minister of Syria, Shocked!!

  1. My uncle owns a big Arabic restaurant and needed extra workers for the valet parking. So I offered to help. Then the Vice President arrived, I gave him his ticket and I parked his car. At that time I did not know he was Vice President of Syria. The shocking part was he had an old car, maybe in the 80's. I looked at the license plate and it said diplomat on it. Two more cars arrived and they also had diplomat on the license plate. So I asked the waitress and she told me that it was the Vice President of Syria. I was really shocked, because of his crappy car lol.... Anyway I was waiting for them to leave, and expected a big tip lol.. So when all of them finished eating, I brought there cars to the front. The prime mister's wife was a stuck up biotch... When she was waiting for her car to arrive I came up to her and said "How are you" in Arabic.. All she did was look up into the sky and completely ignored me. She was dressed so nice though, she even had a Chanel handbag LOL... Her husband was a complete dumbass!! He said where is my car!! I told him I needed his ticket that I gave him. He said he lost it. He told me go get my car now!! He said it was a Mercedes.. Then i looked at the key rack and there were no keys for a Mercedes. Then I decided to be brave and then I told him this..."Pick out your key from the key rack and i will get your car" He said this one is my keys. I looked at the key and it was for a BMW!!! His wife started to curse at him in Arabic.. She said "You idiot you cant remember what type of car you came with" LMAO!!! He felt like a total dumbass... And on top of that he only gave me a 1 dollar tip!!:wtf: Guess how much the Vice President gave....A BIG FAT 0 NOTHING:tdown:............ I hope the Syrian government don't read this I might get in alot of trouble!!!! LOL:roflmfao:
  2. oh yikes lol
  3. :boxing:don't worry, we got your back!
  4. looool
  5. hahaha. I will have to tell my syrian friend that!
  6. Why is it that some of the most wealthy people tip like CRAP but people who have a budget tip OK a lot of the time? I used to waitress and you could RARELY tell who would tip best because you never know... Sorry for your crappy tip. Should've been a 20 or a 50 in my opinions.
  7. Lol what an experience!
  8. The prime minister & his wife sure do sound like a pair, LOL.

    Edit: Wow, this event happened last year!
  9. I always think it's amusing to know that the dignitaries of foreign countries are also human.
  10. OMG this thread is sooo old... How did all my old threads pop up.. LOL
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