I MEDICI - Where to buy

  1. When we were traveling we bought and fell in love wtih the I Medici leather backpack purse which we purchased while in Florence.

    Has any one else used, bought or know anything about this fine naturally tanned product?
  2. Sorry for the misspellings
  3. Has anyone heard of this brand?
  4. I'll merge your 2 threads as they're the same subject. ;)
  5. I was in Firenze this summer and purchased a I Medici purse. I love it to death, I think there is someone on Ebay who sells them.
  6. hi there...my friend just started a business here in Vancouver Canada selling medici bags. I agree..they are wonderful! BUttery soft leather, or choose the sastainable vegitable died leathers in bold colours :smile: heres her web site...I'm sure she will ship to you. www.parvane.net good luck!
  7. I visited Firenze with my daughter this summer and bought a green I Medici handbag. So soft and beautiful! - Back in Denmark even my bankers noticed it! It's really top quality.
  8. I Medici, a.k.a. Medici of Florence, bags and briefcases available on www.fashionvortex.com. There is a video about the company and its owners, Silvaba and Stefano. Go to the fashionvortex.com blog to read about vegetable-tanned leather that these bags and briefcases are made from.