i mean there's stiff and then there's stiff

  1. if you start with clemence or togo, they already have a degree, large or small, of smush to their personality. box starts out quite rigid but many vintage kelly bags in box look like they slouch a bit with time.
    chevre, VL, epsom, fjord, and probably more, have a very straight posture out of the box, but what happens to these with use?
    over time, which of the stiff leathers give a bit, and which retain their ... stiffness, more or less, forever?
  2. My VL Kelly has a touch of gentle softness already - a hint of undulation in the front and back but I think overall she will always be part of the 'stiff' family of leathers. I reckon epsom and possibly chevre will remain slightly stiffer than VL. Don't know about fjord, only seen it once in real life.
  3. my epsom 35 birkin is still pretty stiff, the front part (with the stamp and the turnkey) does bow in towards the back a little bit, but every night i put the air packets in it to keep its shape. :smile:
  4. The chevre Kelly that I had for just a bit had a bit of slouch to her as well.
  5. was it new or pre-owned?
  6. I guess it also depends on the size of the Kelly. One would expect a 35 cm Kelly to have more slouch than a 28 cm in the same leather?
  7. ^^:yes: i believe so, unless it's sellier and the other is retourne, i suppose.
  8. ^^^ Yes! That's another factor to take into consideration.
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