I maybe the only one who does this?

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  1. But I was just wondering do any of you take the Coach hangtags of your bag? I lost one once and I tend to take them off. I bought some trigger snaps to add my charms so I don't loose them. I am just not sure if this is a big no no? I mean I don't get rid of them or anything I do save them. Do you think it ruins the look of the bag or makes it seem fake? TIA :yes:
  3. I don't think it's a big deal to take them off. I do keep mine on though, I think their a cute little accessory and I've yet to have one fall off.
  4. I keep mine on. Once the hangtag did fall off one of my bags...luckily I noticed it on the floor! No biggie if you take 'em off.....personal preference!;)
  5. I took two off my sabrina, it seemed to "busy" for me. It doesn't make it look fake at all. It is just a personal preference like Dasha says :smile:
  6. Ha! This is a funny thread for me to be answering in! I ADD hangtags to my bags! I usually add them like a waterfall down the sides of my bags! I just purchased the below pic off the bay because I'm LOVING hangtags!!!

    I do think it's a persoanl choice! If you like to take them off...now you know who to send them to!!! LMAO

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  7. On or off is AOK either way...wearer's choice!
  8. I only take them off when I'm conditioning and spraying my bags. There's only one that seems to have some trouble staying on, which is on my plum Carly. The others are pretty sturdy. I've tried to take off my hangtag on my pond patent ergo tote but that one won't budge! It bothers me because it flips around all the time.

    Some people put a little glue in the hook/clasp thing so it won't fall off, but I've never tried it!
  9. I take mine off almost instantly. I don't want to lose them.
  10. You could always pinch the closure tight with a tool to prevent the tag from falling off....or put a spot of superglue on the closure part as well. That way you don't have to take them off and they wont fall off!
  11. I keep mine on. I honestly can't imagine taking it off. But it really is a personal preference. I don't think it is a bad thing to take them off, I just like the look of them.
  12. I love hangtags too. I hang my tags from old bags on my cell phone lanyard, camera strap, and anything else that looks like it needs jazzed up. This does remind me of a book I read when I was a kid called the "Preppy Handbook" where the preppy girls were always given a Coach bag to carry and the first thing they did was take the hangtag off. (Keep in mind this was while Coach was still made in USA and a relatively exclusive brand mainly ordered from catalogs.) If anyone says anything to you about your naked Coach tell them you're a preppy Coachie. ;)
  13. Thanks everyone! I don't really mind that my bag doesn't have Coach logo on it. I know its Coach. I feel better about taking them off :yes:
  14. On or off, either is fine. I sometimes tuck in the hangtags on my wristlets when I'm walking because I don't like any jingling or hangtags smacking my hand or the side of the wristlet.
  15. I leave them on simply because I don't want them to age differently from the bag.