I *may* want the fluo green baby Stam

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  1. I decided that IF I am getting a MJ bag from the Spring 2008 collection (I'm loving fall 2008 SO much more), it will be the fluo green baby Stam.
    It's not a bag that was love at first sight, but the more I look at it, the more I feel it will be a great fun bag to add to my collection.
    I don't want to pay full price for it tho, at I've only seen it online at luisaviaroma (never codes) and Eluxury (which doesn't ship internationally) and I'm wondering: have you seen this bag at stores like Saks, Nordstrom, ... ???
    If that store then has a special deal, I know to look out for it.


  2. I could be crazy, but I'm pretty sure I saw some Fluo pieces at Nordies last time I was there. I can't remember which pieces. . . You should call and ask:flowers:.
    Good luck:heart:
  3. I think there was one either on eluxury or netaporter!
  4. you should get it! i've been waiting for someone to get a fluo stam. i've seen them irl and they're so bright and fun.

    i can't say i've seen the green baby stam in any department store, but, then again, i haven't been in a department store in forever. try calling around and see if they ordered it!
  5. I might be crazy too but I'm pretty positive I saw some fluo pieces at Nordies in SF. Definitely call and ask :smile:
  6. Saw some fluo stuff in Harvey Nichols in London today, very bright, give them a ring. The euro is pretty strong against the £ at the moment so may work out cheaper, no customs etc. :smile:
  7. I saw the flou hot pink baby stam at Neiman Marcus in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta approximately 2 weeks ago.
  8. Though I can't be of much help on the whereabouts of it, you would rock that! The fluo green is so fun!