I May Not Have Gotten A Birkin, but these are just as good...

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  1. I finally got to open my orange boxes that I promised my husband I would wait two weeks to open...(Yep, I passed it with flying colors, did not even peek although one of them I had a say in when he got it for me).
    He got me a bicolor picotin:yahoo: , a blue jean and vert anis combination(this I got the say in.) An H-hour watch, which was a complete surprise and a pocket scarf which is surpisingly a nice one and matched the bag(he can sometimes be....well most of the time.....colorblind).
    Sorry for the poor pictures, I am not the a very good photographer.
    Hope this works the first time around.
    picotin blue.JPG picotin green.JPG H-hour.JPG
  2. If you wore all of it together I bet you look classic:smile:

    Congrats on all your gifts!
  3. BagShoeLover, that is GORGEOUS! I saw one exactly like this a couple of months ago at the SF store. Mysore, right?
  4. ^^^ Yes it is mysore. I envy your Hermes knowledge 24.
  5. What a sweetie your DH is! Great picks! They're just beautiful!

  6. They are AWESOME :heart: :heart: !!
    There's nothing like orange boxes to make your day special !!!
    You have a lovely DH :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Wow what an awesome hubby! I love the picotin, the colors are perfect together!
  8. i gotta say i love this combo picotin!
  9. Thank you for the nice comments.
    And I do have a very supportive husband who feeds my bad habits.
  10. Oh my gosh!!! that is beautiful! :girlsigh: :tender: you betcha it's as good! I have never seen that combo and I am in love!! :love: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. love it!!!!!! I love the blue and green together!
  12. What a gorgeous bag!! I have the same pocket square - it's lovely! Enjoy!
  13. Love , love the pic.....really missed your super photos!
  14. THOSE are GORGEOUS!!! Congrats on your new baby!!! You have a very special DH!!!:yahoo: :love:
  15. Very unique combo, congrats :smile:
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