I may not be purchasing that Chanel any time soon, and here's the reason why

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  1. Meet Jake, my newest foster/rescue. Jake is a "gentleman" sheltie (read: older) who has lived his entire life in a 7x7 pen. I got a call from a local rescue today that they knew of a dog whose owner had Alzheimer's and the family considered a nuisance. So I went to retrieve Jake, who is just not sure what to make of this whole new situation. I was informed that it's "probably been 8 years" since Jake was petted, called by name, or given any kind of attention. Day in and out, this dog has lived a solitary existance with one meal a day. When I went to get him, I was given a rope that served as a "leash" and was laughed at when I asked if he had any toys or favorite things to take with him.

    I took him to the beauty parlor (read: my backyard, with a brush, scissors, and a hose) as soon as we got home. As you can see, his coat is so matted that I will probably have to get him shaved tomorrow, which is such a pity as sheepdogs usually have the most beautiful coats. He is as sweet as can be and let me brush him for almost an hour while I tried to get out the mattes... he *didn't* like his bath though ;) He has scabs all over his skin and I think he may have heartworms. No fleas though, which is very lucky. He smells much better after his bath :tup: He is apprehensive but very cooperative... the only thing he really resisted me on was initially "meeting" my dogs (he growled at them). So we're transitioning using baby gates, as everyone gets used to each other. He just seems happy to have a comfortable place to lay his head.

    Anyway, I'll update more once I get him to the vet tomorrow and find out what all this neglect has done physically to this sweet boy. Here's some pictures prior to the bath (note: those are not curls in his hair, but deeply rooted mattes which are caked together with dirt):
    PA120068.jpg PA120069.jpg PA120076.jpg PA120067.jpg
  2. Here's the after bath pictures. The coat doesn't look much better, but at least some of the mattes are gone and he smells better :tup:
    PA120082.jpg PA120088.jpg PA120090.jpg
  3. god bless you for doing this....
    jake is very good looking. have fun with him. he is certainly worth much more than a chanel.
  4. You are an Angel :smile::heart:. Jake is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on your new family addition!:flowers: God Bless!:heart:
  5. :crybaby:
    God bless you! He's better than any Chanel bag!
  6. :crybaby::crybaby:Oh my gosh, poor little dog, what kind of people can do something like that? Can they somehow get in trouble with the law for animal abuse/neglect?
    Bless you for saving this poor dog, you are an Angel giving this little dog the life he never got. He is very cute and adorable, he's lucky to have you.:heart:
  7. That is so great of you to take him in! He looks like a little cutie! I absolutely can't stand it when people don't take care of their pets...:mad: Keep us updated and give Jake a ear scratch from me! :flowers:
  8. Aww, what a sad life Jake had until he met you! I'm so encouraged by your actions!
  9. You are truly an amazing person...an angel really. If anyone can help this dog lead a happy and loving life, it's you. You're honestly an inspiration.
  10. ttucker -- you totally rock!!!!! :woohoo:

    give jake a smooch for me. :heart:
  11. I've got tears in my eyes from this post. Thank you for adopting him!!!
  12. Aww that is so sad, but i'm glad his future will be bright!
    Your so sweet for taking him in! please keep us informed on his progress!
  13. Jake's adorable!
  14. That is SOOOO horrible. How can people treat other living things so horrilbly. Man, people made me so mad!!!:cursing:

    Thank you for changing this guy's life.
  15. Oh my gosh! You are amazing for taking this guy in and giving him a new happy life. Let us know more soon!