I may not be cheating on LV afterall!

  1. Last month I went to Hermes and tried on the Cyclamen Evelyne PM. I didn't have the money at the time and now I do. I was planning on going to Hermes this Friday, my 27th birthday, and buying it as a birthday gift to myself. Today I phoned to ask if they still have it and they don't! :crybaby:

    They only have the GM size, so I asked if they had the PM in any other stores. The SA phoned back and said that they had the PM 2 in the other store. I wanted the regular, which was $1975, but the PM 2 in $400 more at $2375! :cursing: Ugh, and I think the SA said that they don't make Cyclamen anymore, so I wont be able to get this bag in the future either!

    I was heading downtown on my birthday anyways, so I'll check it out anyways, and see if they have the red berry twilly that someone here posted on their LV bag!

    Anyways, if I don't end up buying any Hermes, more money for LV, and I'll probably buy some LV for my birthday. :p
  2. Happy early bday! I hope you find your Hermes but if not, I hope you get something you want! :party:
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. omg..arnott, i didn't know you were over 25...I thought you were like MY age (23ish) lol. if you don't get anything from Hermes, whatcha gonna get at LV???
  5. happy b-day!:party:
  6. Thats because I act like such an idiot on here! :p

    I dunno, maybe a small accessory! What do you suggest? :graucho:

    Have to go to the dentist now. :sad: TTYL!
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  8. Happy Birthday girl, haven't made ther Hermes leap yet. I have to admit I'm totally scared of the place. I guess its out of my league. Someday....

  9. LOL...good way to stay young!

    why don't you get a bag?!?! u know, your all-weather bag! :graucho:

    have fun at the dentist!
  10. Happy Birthday!!! I had an Evelyne but ended up selling it. It's a great bag but the canvas strap always made me nervous that I'd spill coffee or something on it. (plus I needed the $ :sweatdrop: )
    Anyway, you can have a lot of fun at LV with the $$$ you'd spend at H if they can't find your dream Evelyne!!! :yahoo:
  11. Happy Birthday!

    I am glad that you didn't defect and go Hermes! We like you here! And, when you do go Hermes you need to go BIG! Big like Birkin Big!
  12. Happy Birthday!!!
  13. I was so excited about your Cyclamen! I'm so sorry. But happy birthday! I'm sure you'll make a fab choice!
  14. I'm back from the dentist. :wacko:

    Yeah, most people think I'm younger than I am. I still get asked if I'm in high school! :nuts: I have this male friend who last summer I asked if he knows how old I am. He went, 23! I told him no, I'm 26!

    And just a couple weeks ago, I told him my birthday is coming up and asked if he knows how old I'll be turning. He goes, 24! I just laughed at didn't say anything! I'll just let him believe what he wants to believe because even if I do tell him, he'll forget and go back to thinking I'm 3 years younger! :p

    But yeah, I guess I'm an old lady! :crybaby:

    About the all-weather bag, I wanted to wait until the Fall when I'll really need it. I'm hoping for a new epi colour or style of shoulder bag. Cuz I don't want to get it now when I don't need it yet, just for them to come out with something better!

    I was considering the Damier Geant Loup in Terre for the summer though. But I might wait a few months before I decide get it or not.
  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

    My 2000th post! :party: