I may just die

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  1. …if I don't buy these shoes!! And isn't the rule still in play about your bag matching your shoes? A vicious cycle. LOL shoes.jpeg
  2. I love red! You need these! Great choice.
  3. I think you need them in your life!:graucho:
  4. I am not really a "shoe girl" and I like handbags because my feet are wide and it is hard to find shoes that fit well. But these would be worth the pain!! Nothing that a bit of Ibuprofin can't take care of.
  5. Those are HOT!
  6. These shoes are gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!
    I've had my eye on them and I can hardly wait for the navy/white and python versions of them to be released.
  7. What??!!! Navy white and python??? Oh sweet Jesus. I need a raise.
  8. Here you go... Coach-Spring-2014-Collection-37.jpg
  9. I need to amend my original post. I may die if I don't have this shoe in every color!! LOL.

  10. Lol! Is vermillion coming out soon? I love these as much as I love eating, sleeping, and ...(etc) ;)
  11. Yeah those are nice and sassy:smile: I do like the matching shoe and bag it's my pet peeve:smile:
  12. DH always points this style out to me. I can't figure out how I feel about that flat looking heel? He thinks it's very classic. I love the red and that Python is amazing!! The navy is gorgeous but I think I'd like it better with a different color heel, like even all navy. IMO, the white is too limiting.
  13. I agree about the white. It is a whole lot of money for a seasonal shoe. This sounds completely stupid, but I DESTROY my work shoes on my cobblestone driveway and on the cobblestone and pavement at work. The flat heel is perfect and will be much more durable in a city environment. Some "chunky" heels are too much so this shoe is a nice compromise between a stiletto and a chunky heel.

  14. Your last sentence makes perfect sense. Being a SAHM, I don't think about things in that way. I love a chunky heel and wedges. I wear some heels (less now than I did) but never quite stiletto.