I May Just Die of Spy-Envy!!!!

  1. as i am still learning about selling bags, please forgive this question. If the bag has never been used why not return it to the store for the price paid or get store credit, instead of selling it for about half off the retail price. I am not questioning its authenticity but wondering/speculating about strategy. Or is the seller expecting that the bids will surpass the retail price?
  2. This particular model had to be specially ordered from Fendi. When I bought my Spy, I remember an SA trying to talk me into ordering this even if I ended up not liking it, because they wanted to see it themselves too. She said that Fendi only made these to custom-order, not just limited-edition too, so unless a customer ordered this bag, they wouldn't get one at the store.

    So I imagine someone bought this one and then did not use it and the 10-day return policy to the Fendi store expired. As far as how this seller got it or whatever, I don't really know. A lot to speculate about. All I know is that I absolutely adore this bag and wish that I had an extra $5k or whatever to buy it. I don't know if she really expects it to go over retail, but it is certainly rare.
  3. This spy is the most fantastic and gorgeous spy ever. My dream bag actualy, Wish I had the money! It's so Beatiful. I hope One of the grils here will buy it.
  4. The listing is no longer their. Find it very strange about this bag,
  5. Uh... you're right! the bag is not there anymore.... that is actualy weird.
    Or maybe someone did a good offer buy mail or something.
  6. Where did the other post go? :search: Kind of strange.....:wondering
  7. Found it....:push:
  8. Hubby let me buy this bag. :nuts: :nuts: I about had a heart attack when he told me to go ahead. So I emailed the seller and did a sort of BIN. It's been my dream spy for a long time. I'll keep everyone updated on how it goes!!! :yahoo:
  9. Gosh you're gonna buy it? congrats!

    Go! Go! Go! It's such a beauty! :tender:
  10. wow fantastic news - be sure to let us all know how it goes as that is one amazing bag. You lucky lucky girl and what a great hubby you have. I should it to my husband and he was like "Sam don't even think about it!!!"
  11. its great its staying within the pf
  12. Big Congrats, cannot wait to see pictures of it. A beautiful bag.
  13. OMG!!!:nuts: :nuts: J!!!!! CONGRATS!!! You sneaky thing you LOL!!!

    That bag is TDF!!!! RARE and GORGEOUS!!!

    Please post pics for us!!! LOT OF PICS!!! :love: :love: :love: