I may have just captured an endangered species...

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  1. I couldn't believe it when I suddenly saw her, so pulled the trigger immediately!

    She is on her way to me now, so I can check her condition and authenticity when she arrives (our lovely authenticator say she looks fine, but want one final pic to be certain).

    I'm very excited as this is probably my HG mulberry and I never thought I would find her in the wild (and for a decent price, too!). If her condition is good as it seems, I will be a VERY happy girl :love:

    I had a horrible week last week, so deserve a good surprise now.

    Any guesses?
  2. I think I put this thread in the wrong place. If so, please can Addy move it for me? Thanks.
  3. Oak leopard Lexie!!!!!!! Bag twin!!!!
  4. Gosh, that was quick!

    Do you have the regular or the OS, Elvis? I really wanted the regular, since it's a perfect size for me (my black regular lexie is my most used bag), and I already have the OS in oak...

    Is she one of your favourites? How does the leather compare to the other lexies? So many questions, sorry! I'm super excited and I've never seen one of these beauties except on the gorgeous photos on TPF.
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    I have the regular.....she was my first Lexie!!!! And she will never go...OH bought her me when I was in hospital as a surprise.....we,had seen it in store and he hated it!!! I love her she is like,having the best of oak choc and black in one bag....she is hardier than you would think too...here is mine

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  6. Stunning! And what a lovely story. I can see why you will never let her go.

    I hope mine is nice too when she arrives :smile:
  7. This is my HG Alexa I love it! I've got the Mitzy and the leather if great, holds up in the rain perfectly!! Enjoy can't wait for your pics
  8. Done! :smile:
  9. Always wanted this beauty but kept missing it in the regular and ended up with the o/s which has now left the nest lol

    Congrats on a beautiful lexi def a fav of mine xxx
  10. I have just received an email saying she is on her way. :yahoo:
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    Oooh, can only imagine your excitement!!!

    Beautiful bag you lucky ladies who own this supermodel!


    PS - sorry for being an ignoramus but what does HG mean?!?

  12. Holy grail.....lol...we are mad
  13. Congrats on a beautiful bag - I'm sure you'll love her when she arrives. I'm not normally a big fan of leopard print, but this one is truly stunning - a perfect blend of black and brown, so lovely... And a Mulberry classic too :smile:
  14. My OH hated this bag when I showed it to him ...I was deflated as I wanted one...then a few months later when I was ill in hospital he turned up with one.....he still isn't keen on it though....he loves my oak one best ....I think he thinks I'm too old for this one lol....mutton but I don't care
  15. Oooh - fantastic, mary!! I can't wait to see your reveal! I hope you have a fab week, to make up for your grotty last week! This should go some way to making it all much better! XX