I may have a decision to make- Jaune Day GSH or Magenta City GSH ? Photo's of yours?!

  1. Help!!! I may have an oh so difficult decision :rolleyes:

    I may likely have to choose between a new Jaune Day GSH or A Magenta City SGH.
    I have owned and like both styles equally. I've also seen both of these bags and they are both gorgeous leather wise and color wise.... I'm just trying to decide....
    if you have any photo's wearing these bag to intice me one way or another I'd be sooooooo thankful!!

    Any owners of these bags please flaunt them.
    IN the event that I have to choose I need some eye candy to make a decision!!!

  2. My vote is for the GSH Juane Day 100%. :tup:Just look at my avatar. I adore this color. It is very unique and different.:yes:
  3. I'm with Jaune. It's so much more rich and saturated. Bal has done a lot of different Magentas but not too many yellows, and it's sort of like a caramel color, too. Besides, I much prefer a Day with GSH. Hands free! (and since you're a mom, that's kinda relevant;))
  4. 2 for Jaune!!
    The only reason I was leaning for Magenta was because I would never normally choose it, and I thought it would be a perk-me-up for spring?
    Nevertheless... I listen to my BalGals.
  5. Another vote for Jaune :tup:I love that color! Especially with GH!!:nuts:
  6. I vote for Jaune as well.
  7. i own a jaune GSH day and I love it. If you can wait till tomorrow i will try and take some pics
  8. magentaaaa!
    both are gorgeouss but i think i'd prefer the s/s08 yellow more.
    photos just for you winona77, good luck deciding! let us know!


    and excuse my messy room..
    DSC00741.JPG DSC00749.JPG DSC00707.JPG DSC00725.JPG DSC00744.JPG
  9. and i love magenta looks different in different lighting!
    DSC00713.JPG DSC00725.JPG
  10. starrie!!!! thank you!!!!

    how cute is this?!?!!?!
  11. I say Jaune. It's a fabulous color!

  12. :yes:I'll be here!!!:yes:
  13. I love City & I love PINKs so I would vote Magenta especially after seeing the luscious thick leather posted around here. BUT if you love non veiny leather then Jaune is a better option!!!
  14. Magenta City! I just saw one at Neiman's and really liked how it just POPPED!!!
  15. pictures within the hour i hope. A lazy sunday with the family is not the easiest of times to go sneak off and pose!