I may be SO done with Coach

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  1. Just got back from the Coach store here, and I doubt that I will EVER go back. What a bunch of RUDE, RUDE, silly women.
    It's funny, I believe the women at this Coach store here think they're selling Hermes'. WRONG!
    I'm furious.
    Rant over. But I am SO emailing Coach about this store here. Sorry but I just needed to vent!
  2. which city was it? the SAs are usually falling all over themselves to help me at the local Coach store....
  3. Wow!!! That's awful! What happened?
  4. DEFINITELY call or email customer service

    that's ridiculous.

    I have one store near me where they are snots and one where they are awesome! I'm sorry that happened to you, don't put up with it, FIGHT BACK!
  5. Yes mine are so nice too, what happened?
  6. This is sad, you're the second person today to say they had a bad experience. I agree that you should write the company. I think they would be less than thrilled to find out that they're SA's are not making customers happy!!!
    I'm sorry this happened. :sad:
  7. Sounds like my Coach boutique. I avoid it like the plague. The girls at Macys and Dillards are much sweeter.
  8. sorry to hear that.
    I'm actually waiting for pce to be over and for me to be done ordering so i can call corporate about the snotty sas and even manager at our local store.

    what happened though?
  9. CitCat, what happened? if you don't mind.....
  10. Of course, I had a return. I called yesterday to speak to the manager about it. He told me to come in today, (he was very nice), however, he neglected to tell me that today is his day off, so some old bag hag waited on me. She was some old battleax. She could barely contain her "oh God, A RETURN....", and the other 5 were all just rude, snotty, rude. I hate this Coach store here. I'd rather buy at Macy's or Dillard's, or the Coach store where my parents live.
    I've only bought three bags from this store total, because of their attitude here. Guess what, not going to buy from that store ever again. They can stick it up their arses!
  11. Sorry you had a bad experience....I can honestly say I've never had one in Coach. I would definitely let the company know!!
  12. CitCat:

    Your puppies cute. I thought it was a lion at first.

    Sorry to hear this. I hardly ever go into the store (only been twice) and they have been nice. I usually don't want much help so I only ask questions when I need to instead of having someone follow me around the store.

  13. that was the response I got from an old hag at one of my local stores. I had a PCE order I wanted to place but I was so annoyed (I was returning a damaged bag from JAX btw) that I left after my return and went to the other store to place the pce order.

    I agree, don't put up with that crap. Tell CS at Corporate and take your coach business elsewhere.
  14. I was returning this tote I ordered from JAX. And the manager I talked to said he could order the patchwork Carly for me and I was going to exchange the tote and pay the difference between the two bags. It's about a $200.00 difference, no big deal right? Well, this old bag, didn't even look in my box and told me that I would have to wait for the manager tomorrow and that they didn't even make the Carly in patchwork. I so wanted to say, "uh they were made for the department stores only~AT LEAST KNOW YOUR PRODUCT before you cop such a rude 'tude".
  15. I am sorry that happened to you. :tdown:There is a certain SA at the Coach store that WAS my favorite in town, but this SA is so RUDE that I do not EVEN want to go back there - I actually started taking my Coach business to the OTHER Boutique in town. There's an SA there (who is one you would think the LEAST LIKELY to be nice and friendly and helpful) and she will bend over backward for me everytime I go in there - she's so nice and helpful!!! I am going there tonight to return/exchange my Turquoise Ergo Wristlet I bought w/PCE and HOPEFULLY get something else with the PCE discount!!! We'll see. Wish me luck!!!!!!! I hope my girl ASHLEY is there!!!! Fingers Crossed!
    Why do they have to be so snotty?!?! WE are the ones choosing to spend OUR money there.....they'd better watch out or they'll lose business - we DO TALK and WILL spread the word: the good, the bad and the (sometimes) ugly!:yes: