I may be going mad but....

  1. Has anyone else noticed that their post count has gone down - or is it just me?:p
  2. Oh gosh, not for me! I watch that thing like a hawk!
  3. What did you think your post count was at???
  4. mine seems to be good.
  5. If it is only by a small amount, this could be because a thread was deleted that you had participated in :yes:
  6. I never look at mine. . . it embarrasses me so I avoid looking that way! LOL!
  7. Wow! Swanky, you have an awesome amount of posts! I think that's terrific!:supacool:
  8. :roflmfao:
    I just hit 13k last night. :push:
  9. ^ You are talking up a storm too!! Everyone is just... well... passing me by! :shame:
  10. ^^ Lol yeah the LV authentication thread really helps with that. :lol:
    It's ok though, you have a lot more than most people do!
  11. Probaly only by a 100 or so - probably me going mad LOL!
  12. Well I will look into it... but there is nothing wrong with the system etc, so I'm not too sure :shrugs:
  13. Can you make mine go down too? My husband freaked out when he saw it! LOL
  14. Mine is still small, but I don't let DH see it!!:p