I may be getting my first Chloe tomorrow!

  1. I've lurked here for months, hoping that eventually my desire for a Chloe bag would disappear, but it has not. My husband has finally been talked into it, so we're off to the Chloe store at South Coast Plaza tomorrow! I'm not sure which bag I want - I just know it will have to have silver hardware. (I hate yellow gold!) So, I'm wondering if Nordstrom at South Coast carries Chloe bags and if that Saks does as well. I want to look at lots of bags before I make my final decision - and so I can try to get the best price possible! It's a little scary making such a big purchase, but I think it's going to happen. Currently, I have multiple Kate Spade bags and multiple Orla Kiely. I'm a little disturbed that I want a leather bag (I'm a vegetarian who tries not to buy leather!), but handling a jade Chloe bag at Nordstrom back in October has given me some kind of mental illness.

    So, any tips for my shopping excursion? I'm only going to buy one if I find one that calls out to me. Otherwise, I shall wait.
  2. Looking at a bag is only half of the selection process. You have to hold it and model it before you buy. Get a bag that when you put it on, you love it.
  3. I have lots of other bags and when I saw the Paddy in a magazine a few years ago and wasn't particularly keen on it but when my bf got one and I saw it in real life I loved it, the bag just looks so expensive, it's gorgeous, I recently bought a Paddy in tan as I wanted a tan bag and the Paddy was on sale at NAP and I love it. I used it shopping yesterday and it does make your arm ache if you carry it in the crook as it is so heavy, but lots or people were eyeing up my bag. If I had to choose one Chloe bag, it would be the Paddy everytime. If I were you I would go for a colour that is very versatile such as tan or whiskey.:yahoo:
  4. congrats looking for your perfect bag. You are quite restricted by wanting the silver hardware, the mousse was available, but that was a s/s colour so might not be in store now, the black also has a silver hardware option, but may just be the shoulder bag version left now, and the black also has a black hardware option which is harder looking, but very rock chic-ish.

    You may find that the gold hardware is a grower when you see a few in real life, its very warm on the paddy, and not a cheap, brassy look.

    On line, there are a few more styles available with silver, but probably not many in store.
  5. Congrats, first of all. Secondly, I know exactly how you feel about the leather thing. I really don't like to buy leather anything, but for some reason the Chloe bags make my brain skip over that usual preference... LOL.
    If you are really set on the silver hardware, I think Mousse is the most beautiful (just my opinion by the way). But definitely go TRY ON the Paddy first. If you don't find any with silver hardware that you love, check out LVR. I believe they still have Gris-Vert (the same color as Mousse, with different trim color) available here luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping on line
    Good luck!
  6. Please post pics once you get the bag of your chloe dream bag.
  7. Please keep us posted on what you decide!!! So excited for you!
  8. Good luck - its exciting - be sure to keep us posted with updates and pics.
  9. Chloe bags are not sold at this Saks. Nordstrom has a very big selection, definitely stop by there & Chloe boutique.

    Have fun shopping, let us know which Chloe bag wants to come home with you. =)

  10. roche and galet which are new 07 spring colors come w/silver locks! And both are beautiful colors IMO! Our local nordstrom's carried them so perhaps yours will too!
  11. I'm soo excited for you ... I love shopping for bags! Can't wait to see which Chloe you will pick ... remember to post pics!
  12. So........ what happened?? Did you find anything???
  13. I so almost bought one, but then I realized I just am not the type of person who is willing to drop $1600+ on a bag! At least if it isn't for a special reason. So, I've decided to wait and reward myself with one when I can either: stick to a budget or finish grad school next year. That way, it will mean more to me.

    It was all surprising to me. I was all ready to do it, had a large paddington satchel picked out in the greenish-grey color. It looked great on me, it felt even better, and I totally loved it, but..... I felt like I was being a spoiled child or something.... So, waiting will be good. I can anticipate more!
  14. ahh, well, just think how much you will appreciate it when you do finally get one. And also, dont forget, now that you have found the one you like, you can always look online for deals and discounts on the colour you want.
  15. I am sooo excited for you!! Let us know what you get!!!!! WOO HOO!