"I married my son - the sex is mind-blowing"

  1. I AM TOTALLY GROSSED OUT! I saw something in him.. Yeah yourself you freaking narcissist. I got to go barf!
  2. Mind boggling. It's incredulous neither one felt any more guilt...
  3. Bio son? OMG!!!!
  4. omggggg
    Im gonna go and throw up
  5. This post made me LOL!!! :roflmfao:
    I'm not sure why but I cannot stop laughing even now.
    Maybe because it's exactly how I feel too!!!
  6. I just had lunch and ran to the bathroom to throw up halfway reading this story. :throwup:
    This is beyond sick. Both should be locked up and absolutely NO CHILD should be allowed to come out of this macabre relationship :sick:
  7. Why do people keep bumping this thread when there is no indication the story is real?

    This thread should probably be locked until there is some factual verification.
  8. I can't really find any fault here if they're both in a consensual relationship that makes them both happy and aren't hurting anyone. As long as they're being safe and avoiding the huge risks of having a child together, I don't think I have any place to judge them. I certainly find it a little odd, but I don't think I can blame them for falling in love with each other - odd as it is.