"I married my son - the sex is mind-blowing"

  1. :throwup:
  2. This is completely sick and disgusting!!!!

    I wonder if it's true becuase it raises soooo many questions:
    -She said she didn't want to have an abortion because it seemed unethical, but she's OK with dating her son??????
    -She gives all these disgusting details about their sex-life with no shame?
    -They admit something so disgusting as this in public without being afraid of the huuuuuge social judgement that will be coming towards them?
    -They say just becuase it's GSM and it's scientifically proven, it's OK??? It's still sick and the fact that specialists have a name for it doesn't make it right!
    -How do they plan on having kids? Is there any woman who would be willing to get IVF so those two can have kids? Or is there any adoption agency that would give them license to adopt????? Puh-lease!!!!
    -Last but not least: How exactly did they get married???????
  3. My mother (who I am not married to, BTW) told me that if I don't have something nice to say then don't say is at all...
  4. ok, remember that one Stephen King movie sleepwalkers? The mother and son who are sleeping together, they're monsters who are afraid of cats. Anyway, this is worse than that. Is this real?
  5. This sounds like a National Enquirer type of fake story.

    I'm not sure if I buy it??
  6. I agree - I'm sure it happens, but I doubt anyone advertises it like this unless they have big mental issues.
  7. Great analogy, haha!! I'd assume that it isn't real judging the bad grammar and spelling... Still, it was enough to make me want to gag.
  8. Unless people are just crazy in "Houstone", TX...? HA.
  9. Or considering the fact the boy has only had "grilfriends"? Ok. I'll stop, LOL.
  10. I lost my appetite. Yuck...I mean I freak each time my dad would come into my room without knocking. Ewww.....Icky ew!!!!
  11. Holy Sh*t. When I first read the title I literally felt the macaroni and cheese about to come back up.

    Im speechless.
  12. Hey if it comes back up at least you won't be getting all the calories ! Haha.

    Gross, obviously. But ummm... As long as they are happy??? So disturbing.
  13. Im sick to my stomach
  14. The title alone was enough for me. Gross!
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