"I married my son - the sex is mind-blowing"

  1. Excellent point. What kind of people not only engage in such behaviour, but would also want all the negative attention that comes from such an admission? I just cannot believe that people in general (not just this couple, but with the whole culture of reality shows, blogs, twitter, FB, etc.) have NO SENSE of anything being private. SMDH.
  2. Can't we request this thread closed? It doesn't deserve the attention it's getting! It's just downright disgusting!! :sick:
  3. :sick:
  4. I expect the original source, the British magazine Closer paid the two people for this story.

    People are willing to say most anything if there is a payday involved.
  5. Sick
  6. Yep, it makes you wonder about some people who insist on over sharing details of their life that should remain private.
    I suppose anyone who is happy to have sex with and marry their son, isn't going to have any qualms about sharing all the sordid details with anyone and everyone. She's probably enjoying the controversy as much as the sex with her son.
  7. This is a bit off-topic, but I always laugh at the expression, "Fell pregnant", and also, "Found herself pregnant"--as if it comes about by tripping over a rug or you just wake up one day, and realize you're pregnant--and have no memory of how it came about (ok, maybe with some women, that is a possiblity after a wild, drunken night!)

    This pair of degenerates is disgusting.
  8. Totally sick.

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  9. Eeewwwwww. What is wrong with their brain?
  10. I threw up in my mouth a little.
  11. This is vile and disgusting!
  12. At least the son feels the same way? She didn't force him to fall in love with her... If she forced him and all that the that will be even more wrong. Anyhow it's still gross lol.
  13. Ewwww to the nth degree. Is this story for real? It sounds like something The Globe made up to attract readers. I can't erase my brain space now for this story.
  14. Even if you think you're in love with someone and that it's unconditional, mountain shaking true love, it is possible to move on and love someone else. I wish these people would realize that and move on as quickly as possible OR be private and not have/adopt children.
  15. Made my stomach turn...:/