"I married my son - the sex is mind-blowing"

  1. Haute, you have NEVER lied! Thank you
  2. I'm so disturbed by this I don't even know what say...there is something so wrong, on so many levels. real or not, that there is a scientific term for it means that it's true somewhere and that's just....sick.
  3. I know I shouldn't judge.

    . . . It just sounds so icky!
  4. gross
  5. I visited the website of Closer Magazine. Their so-called real life stories section features some bizarre stuff. I just found a story about a woman who claims she will continue to breastfeed her son (who is now five) until he is a teen and a story of a woman who prefers the company of her dolls over the company of her husband. Boy, I hope this is all made up!
  6. Closer is a legit magazine in the UK. There are lots like it that feature strange, disturbing, sad and pathetic real life stories...
    As for this weirdo 2some, sick is all that comes to mind.
    It makes me wonder WTF is WRONG with people?!
  7. I'd say the truth of this story is at the very least questionable. But it's still gross.
  8. Exactly! :woohoo:

    There were so many spelling errors and typos in this article, I wonder if it's true.
  9. This is weird. But I totally agree with HauteMama.

    We shouldn't judge people on their feellings, it's something we just have no saying over. They are adults and are free to act how they like as long as they don't hurt other people.

    But I do have to say, I do find it weird that they choose to act on these feelings. They will never be able to return to a 'normal' mother/sun relationship after this if it doesn't work out. If they would ask me I'd say they made a HUGE mistake. But if they choose to risk this it is their choice.

    Personally I find the idea a bit sickening, but there are many things that people around the world do that I find sickening :lol:
  10. I agree with this. However, they are both consenting adults. Unless they decided to produce children together, they are not hurting anybody. It is gross and there are people with weird fetishes everywhere. But if it's what they're into and it's not hurting anybody else, that's their business.
  11. This is sickening. I hope for the sake of the future generation that they don't have any kids together! WTH...this just blows my mind!
  12. i am still blown away that they would open their traps and talk about it publicly.
  13. Yes, but good grief, keep the gory details private!

  14. Maybe...
  15. I agree. If I was involved in something like that (which I never would be!), I would definitely be extremely selective about who I told (though I doubt I'd tell anyone, honestly). I hope it's not true, but these days it wouldn't surprise me if it was true.

    No kidding! :sick: