"I married my son - the sex is mind-blowing"

  1. Isn't anyone else skeptical about this story? It is from the web site of the Zimbabwe Mail and its only reference appears to be a close-up photo of a page from a supermarket tabloid.

    I think I'll wait to be outraged until I see this story from a few legitimate news sources.

    (Though if it is real I will be disgusted along with the rest of you.)
  2. This is just sick. Horrible it's his biological mother isn't this called an Oedipus concept? But this is just sick
  3. WTF? Um could you imagine if they had kids? "Hey guys this is my mom who is also my grandmother and my father who is also my brother!" Um that child will need lots of counseling!
  4. lol
  5. :sick::throwup:
  6. :giggles:
  7. Uhh! I can't believe I read this! I saw the headline and wanted to read more to make sure I was reading correctly. This is vile! :sick::throwup:
  8. oh lord....
  9. This sounds exactly like a story that was posted here a while ago, and I lean toward thinking it is the same. Or that could be a defense mechanism because I refuse to accept that there are multiple couples like this who would willingly broadcast their story to the world...

    But as someone already mentioned, I think this story is the best possible appetite suppressant. :throwup:
  10. If you do a search for the two names, you only get that one article and no verification by any other source.
  11. :wtf:
    I wonder if they actually look alike... That'd make for an extra extra weird..um.. "family picture".
  12. Just because there is a scientific term for it doesn't mean it's NOT sick and wrong.

    Ugh. Just ugh. Good luck with those birth defects! Though, thankfully, I don't think there will be any doctors who would be willing to do IVF on a mother-son "couple" nor an adoption agency that would be ok with their relationship.

    I really hope this is a fake story. Whoever wrote this story doesn't seem to have an editor. Or access to spellcheck.

    Also, the other incestuous couple some people are thinking of might be the brother-sister one--I think they were German? And I think they DID have kids. :throwup:

  13. :faint:
  14. Sinners !!!
  15. There was actually a story like this in Australia...but reversed. It was a daughter and father. And if I remember correctly, they did have a baby. Again...ew.