I maintained control at the Macy's sale...

  1. For some reason the Coach items on clearance that are 25% off are 50% off today only (or so the SA's said, you might want to check it out).

    So there's this denim patchwork cosmetic tote that I've been eyeing that was only $88.

    And a chocolate wristlet, I believe it was the Soho line (it has a buckle clasp that goes across the front and three stripes, python, brown patent leather and another).

    Anyway, I really didn't have the money. I mean I was going to do a bootleg transaction and run to the bank and put it in after, but I realized that I didn't have my debit card! My friend offered to put it on her Macy's charge for me to pay her back, but I realized that I really couldn't afford it, therefore, I didn't need it....

    I know it was the right decision, but my bones ache for those items (at least the wristlet).
  2. You did the right thing. There is no need to buy something you cannot afford right now just because
    it is on sale. Save up your money for a handbag. Lots of new ones will be coming out and you will kick yourself
    later down the road if you spend that money now.
  3. Wow 50% off clearance items ... I wished I lived near a Macy's!
  4. Macy's - here I come!!
  5. Wow that's GREAt, tho I probably better be a good girl. ;_;
  6. wow, that's restraint. too bad my macy's doesn't have any coaches on clearance.
  7. Wow, that's cool. Thanks for the info. Congrats on showing restraint.
  8. Yikes! Too bad the Macy's right next door to me doesn't carry Coach. :sad:
  9. I was at Macy's 2 weeks ago and they were 50% off then too!
  10. Headed to Macy's....
  11. ((((HUGS)))

    Way to show restaint!
  12. I MIGHT go tomorrow... I want to look at the Look Book at Coach.
  13. I went to Macy's last night and was talking with my favorite SA. She is awesome! As soon as she sees me coming she always yells out to me, "Hi, Monique!!" which draws the attention of everyone within ear shot. She was telling me about a Coach seminar that she attended and also said that Macy's Friends and Family sale starts on May 2 (and runs until the 7th, I think). I hope I can control myself as well as you did, iggy! I've got a $125 merchadise credit that's been burning a hole in my pocket so I should be able to do pretty well.
  14. Good for you for maintaining control. Thanks for the heads up on Macy's.
  15. Hmm, they never have much on clearance when I go to Macys. The last time all they had was the braided handle signature hobo's, the holiday patchwork stuff, and braided wristlets.