I made up my mind about what I'm keeping!

  1. Okay so since I went Toki crazy the past couple of weeks. I had to narrow down my purchases.

    I already returned 2 lamore zuccas, 2 pirata zucca, 2 pirata ports and 1 lamore port purchased at macys.com

    I decided that I am now going to return my lamore bella, denaro and port and also my pirata port all to macys. I think the bella is cute but the front zippers annoy me and it's kinda too small for me. (kicking myself for not picking up that lamore mamma mia I had on hold!-oh well I think I'm not really diggin the bright gold on this print!)

    I am also returning my spiaggia denaro and ciao to pulse.

    And I might either return or list my pirata mamma mia, not sure yet what to do with that one.

    So I am keeping my citta luna (I think - might list it), my pirata denaro and ciao and my spiaggia mamma mia, denaro and port! WHEW!!
  2. good luck with that!!

    is macys good on returns? or can you return to the store?
  3. you can return macys.com to the store, no problems!!
  4. what did your denaro look like and did you ever post pics of the ciaos and mamma mias? :smile:
  5. Yeah, I'm still on the fence about my pirata campeggio. Whether to return it, get it in a stellina instead or get a spiaggia instead. I think when I'm this unsure, maybe I just don't get any of them, and wait until its a "I gotta have that" passion. Otherwise, its way too much money just "because"
  6. ugh, it's gonna cost me $9 to return the ciao/denaro to pulse then they will refund me all but $8 since I got free shipping. So it's costing me $17 to return it! [​IMG]
  7. Which Denaro is it?? The one with the dreadlock boy??
  8. hehe, no mama........it's the one I got from pulse. It has a dolphin on the front.
  9. I think the ciao is cute. You could try to sell them on eBay and see if it gets you all your money back?
  10. prob will cost more in eBay fees and then I'd have to list it for well over retail. Not worth it IMO.