I made my first purchase ever at Hermes!

  1. It's a beaaaaaautiful blue and white silk scarf for my mum! I can't wait until I can afford to buy her a Birkin!

    I was a little intimidated by the SA's at first and it took awhile before I received any service at all. Even when I was being served, not once did the SA look me in the eye. She constantly had her nose in the air, and her eyes around the store. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for shopping at Hermes in NYC! Either way, I hope my Mum likes it :amuse: I can't wait for her response when she sees the bright orange bag!

    BTW: Is the price of Hermes products world wide? Or does it differ slightly? I heard it's cheaper in US than HK, but cheapest in France?

    Thanks for reading! I'm so excited, I can't wait for Mother's Day to come! :P
  2. You are such a great daughter! I'm sure your mom will light up when she sees the beautiful orange box, and then even more when she opens the special box!! ;)
  3. Oh that's so wonderful of you! Can't wait for your Mom to receive it!
  4. Hi Toiletduck!
    Sounds wonderful. Your mom will be so happy!

    My first purchase at Hermes was a present too but it was for my grandmother-in-law....and I've purchased stuff for my in-laws.. but never once for my mom....

    I never thought of getting something for her from Hermes until recently.. and I'm thinking about getting her something this mother's day. Maybe a Bearn wallet..
  5. Congrats!:smile:
  6. I am sure your mom will love it!
  7. Wow, that's a nice mother's day present. I don't even know if my mom knows about Hermes, except maybe if she has been following the Oprah story. I think she would be shocked to know I have a Hermes anything. She is from the depression era, though.
  8. Congrats, that is so nice of you! :biggrin: Hermes scarves are :heart:
  9. Thanks everyone! I just don't want her to think that I'm wasting money. She's been working so hard to put me thru college and now that I'm done, I really want to get her a gift that she deserves. Mothers are the bestest!!
  10. They really are :biggrin: I'm sure your mother will love the Hermes scarf... they're beautiful and very elegant! What a wonderful Mother's Day present!
  11. WoW! Can I adopt you???? Your Mom is a lucky lady! I know she'll LOVE it!!!!
  12. That's so sweet of you. I'm sure you're Mom will be thrilled about it.
  13. How nice! A great daughter....
  14. That was a very lovely and thoughtful gift. BTW, bags will be more expensive in HK and slightly cheaper in France. :smile:
  15. I agree -- a stunning present for your Mum.
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