I made my first Bonanzle purchase!

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  1. Hi everyone. I am really excited to have made my first Bonanzle purchase. I buy and sell on ebay all the time. I have items for sale at Bonanzle as well. I am sick and tired of ebay and want bonanzle to take off. I found a beautiful bag that I have been looking for on bonanazle yesterday. I will post how the transaction goes. I paid through paypal. I hope more buyers will find their way to Bonanzle so we can be through with FEEbay.
  2. Congrats!! Hope everything goes well!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. GOOD FOR YOU! I love that site! TELL YOUR FRIENDS... word of mouth is the best FREE advertising that there is! BEST OF LUCK on your sales!
  5. I am taking the plunge and joining too. I hate ebay they keep on restricting my account when I have never sold a fake and I respond right away. I tried to list some bags and poof denied again!!
  6. I bought a bag on there last week, the way I see it is that the more people shop there, the more bags will be listed and there will be more bags to choose from in the future.
  7. I made the plunge and bought a gorgeous Balenciaga bag on there a couple of weeks ago. Perfect transaction. There's lots of nice bags on there for sure.
  8. WooHoo! Happy to see everyone giving Bonanzle a chance. :tup:
  9. I LOVE Bonanzle! The prices are better too, I find. No sniping, less fakes... definitely has a lot to offer.
  10. Congrats!
    I will be checking Bonanzle out too.
    After I sell a couple more items I have listed, I will be done with ebay! :tdown:
  11. I don't sell bags but I am headed over to Bonanzle as well...the way eBay treats people anymore is just unacceptable. I just wish B's search function was a little better.
  12. Update: I received my bag today. I just paid for it Sunday! Super fast shipping, bag is just as described, great all around transaction. If you havn't checked bonanzle or have been nervous head over there. There are lots of great bags and other items with terrific prices.
  13. I made my first purchase there last week, too. I'll admit it was from another lovely Tpfer whom I had purchased from before on *bay, so I knew it would be perfect, and it is. Once I figured out how to buy, it was really easy. I have some bags for sale on there, too, and am trying to "wean" myself away from *bay (no listings there right now). Too much hassle anymore on *bay with the new FB rules to deal with the nonpaying bidders, lowball offers, etc. And, this even has happened with the high FB ones that you would think would be easy transactions. I hope bonanzle takes off and stays "clean" and fair to both buyers and sellers the way *bay used to be.
  14. to the OP: CONGRATS on your 1st purchase!!! good to hear that the transaction went well!!! =) what bag was it though?
    I'm just curious to know what buyers have been buying on Bonanzle. hee hee

    I haven't bought anything from Bonanzle (the items I want aren't listed--yet! LOL), but thank goodness, I've sold a few items. Still keeping my fingers (AND TOES!) crossed that bonanzle would get more buyers soon.
  15. i have bought AND sold on bonanzle - it's great!! there are a ton of tPFers over there, myself included. the only downside is posting pictures, at least for me. i haven't figured out how to post more than the maximum of 4 :confused1:

    regardless, it's a great alternative to ebay. now if we could find an equally safe and fast alternative to paypal, then we'd be gold! :yes: