I MADE my 1st very own (little) purse!

  1. And more to follow! I knitted it. It's a little coin purse with a zipper and bracelet strap.

    I'm working toward being a handbag designer and making bags to sell. I have my own Etsy shop right now. I don't want to advertise though, feel uneasy about that.

    Can I share my "designer" name?

    Here's a photo of the bag!

  2. Cute!
  3. Cute, good luck to you.
  4. Oh I like that! It's really cute! Good luck to you!
  5. Very cute!
  6. Cute bag!
  7. Cute little bag. Just wanted to say hi to a fellow knitter. I've completed a couple of small bags but they were patterns from Noro. I've not yet done my own design - I'm too busy buying them. :nuts:

    Continued success! :yes:
  8. That's CUTE! I wish I had the patience for something like that! I LOVE the colors!!
  9. Cute! :tup:
  10. What a great little coin purse! You are talented!
  11. oh, it's soooo adorable!