I made it in to LV boutique today! *PICS*

  1. It was really packed when I got there, there was a large family that had just about every bag imagineable down to look at. The best thing was the mother had the Monogram Stephen! Her DH saw me drooling over it and told her to let me see it! It's so gorgeous... thank goodness I didn't drool on it.

    I went in for an ipod cover, but all they had was the mono nano one and that was $230 and so not worth that much IMO. I told the SA I was not leaving empty handed. So I left with these!:


    I did lots of other shopping, got a great pair of boots at Nordstrom Rack and a Red Ipod for my flight next week :biggrin:
    illovoMM.JPG Jackandlucie.JPG both.JPG
  2. Great finds :yes:
  3. Love the purchases, congrats!
  4. Congrats on your new bag and keychain!
  5. I :heart: the keychain!

  6. :biggrin:

    the keychain is so pretty!
  7. congrats! is that the illovo? pm or mm? i think it looks very classy..just saw a lady with it at the boutique the other day...
  8. Oh.. I love your Illovo PM & Jack Lucy keychain..

  9. Congrats on some lovely items!
  10. wow!! i tried on the illovo pm and i dunno why it didn't look good on me

    can u model it for us?? :graucho:
  11. I likey:yes: Congrats to you:flowers:
  12. Gorgeous. Congrats.
  13. WOW beautiful!!!!!
  14. very pretty purchases! :love: enjoy!:yes:
  15. Congrats!!! Great purchases!!!!!!