I made an uh-oh.

  1. Not sure about the rest of you but when i see a fake bag right in front of me I can't not talk about it. Especially if one of your friends is right next to you. My other friend doesn't know about anything about designer bags so i tried to give her an example of this louis vuitton bag. It was the most obvious fake yet so i wanted to point that out. I tried to be as quiet as i could so the girl didn't notice that i was talking about her bag but apparently she overheard. Everyone was talking about it in school so when i was on the bus with my other friend this random girl blurts out "______ is a f*cking *untface". I guess the girl that insulted me was friends with the other girl that had that fake.
    So now i feel awful. I guess i should just keep things to myself from now on. I just didn't think i'd get trampled on by a bunch of girls just from a bag?
    I mean i wasn't hurting anyone personally.
    Just wanted to rant, haven't done it in a while.
  2. ^yikes!!!

    Yeah I have learned that I talk kinda loud even if I am trying to be quiet...maybe next time pass a note?!?!?! LOL
  3. Or wait till after school to tell your friend. People's feelings can be hurt so easily...even though you were trying to be discreet, you may have accidently hurt that persons feelings. What's done is done -- don't beat yourself up over it. Consider it a lesson learned. We've all made mistakes like that or hurt someone's feelings or offended someone when we didn't mean to.
  4. Indeed what's done is done. Don't worry too much about it.
  5. oh ohh is right! Im just waiting for the same thing to happen to me lol, sorry you were heard! (perhaps keep it down a little next time lol :graucho:
  6. High school drama?
    Whoever called you a _____ seriously has a problem...
    If you're going to carry a fake around, be prepared to be criticized! Otherwise, don't get all biotchy if someone says that your bag is fake!
  7. It's easy to blurt things out, but what that other girl said is AWFUL!
    There will be something else for the girls to b*tch over & a new villain next week. Try not to stress to much, & maybe work out some hand signals or secret code with your friends for the next time. ;)
  8. oh gosh something simialar happened to me !!
    last year this girls mom brought her back to LVs from NY
    a mono pouchette and white mc and to me they were obvoius fakes
    but she was telling everyone about how expensive they were and how her moms loves her so much and that she was the luckiest girl ever blahblah
    but i told a friend that told a friend that told a friend that told friend and it got back to her
    and she was not having it that they were fakes and she told me to bring her proof so i did
    BIG mistake she tore them up and started crying and i felt really bad but idk i got over it and she thanked me earlier this year for telling her so its all worked out and we are friends again :smile:
  9. I agree, what that other girl said is terrible. You may have made a mistake, but the gal on the bus said that intentionally. If anything to make you feel better you can take the high road and write a note to fake-purse girl telling her you're sorry you didn't mean to hurt her feelings it's just that you're very enthusiastic about purses. Sorry that happened to you.
  10. I woulda beat her ass! lol i dont care!
  11. Yeah, sometimes I really dislike people wearing fake, but you also have to be sensitive about not many people can afford something. Maybe the fake-owner does not even know she has a fake until she overheard and found out. Or maybe she still think she has a REAL bag and you are just bad mouthing about her.
  12. Marieclaire29, i think u should keep it to urself and wait till u get online,

    so u can tell us TPF folks all about it!!! :smile:
  13. You have to learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes. Especially in high school. I do it every time I'm in the mall and I see the Speedies with lots of piping and feet.
  14. In highschool it's better off to keep your oppinions of fakes to yourself. Your views could be taken as snobby, and well, we all know how high school girls can be :s
  15. I know how you feel about seeing girls with their LV fakes. Sometimes I want to say something, too, but I don't. It's best not to say anything from now on because you may end up being verbally attacked again.

    Some girls may also be ignorant about their fake bags, too, and are thinking they're real. Others may know they're carrying a fake and are hoping no one really knows they are carrying an "illusion."

    Hold your head up high --- you know you're carrying a real LV. That is the best revenge against these LV-wannabes!