I made an offer to a seller of fakes.......

  1. Maybe my head is full of smoke due to the fires we have up here or maybe I am just fed up with seeing the same sellers getting away with selling their fakes for hundreds of dollars, but I finally contacted the person who sold my friend her fake Coffer again (2earthangels06) and told her that I didn't know how she/he could sleep at night knowingly selling people fake bags for hundreds of dollars. They actually responded telling me that they only sell authentic bags...blah...blah....blah...."Just check out my feedback". So, I have offered them a way to PROVE that they are authentic. I suggested that I win one of the Coffers they have up for auction (they have sold at least 10 in a very short period of time), and want it sent directly to MyPoupette to be authenticated before it comes to me. If it is determined to be authentic (which I know it wont), I will go away. However, if it is determined to be fake, I will be refunded my money and all information will be sent directly to eBay. I am just waiting for her response. :popcorn:
  2. BRAVO!!!! Good for you!!! The world needs more people like you - courageous and with a great sense of justice:dothewave::tup:
  3. I am just sooooooooo sick of these people getting away with this and I really feel bad for their victims. I keep seeing the same bags from the same sellers being posted in the "authenticate this..........." thread time and time again. The sad thing is that they quite often post AFTER they have already won the bag :sad:. I just informed another victim who posted in the authenticate this.......thread yesterday that the bag her friend won from 2earthangels06 was most likely not authentic. I am really really sick of this seller getting away with this time and time again! I seriously doubt that 2earthangels06 will respond back to me, but we will see. Who knows, they may even block my bids..........but I still have friends who can bid on the crap they sell and insist on having it authenticate as well :graucho:.
  4. my frn just won one of these coffers from 2earthangels06 a few days ago, and she freaked out and called me up asking me to authenticate it for her... altho i dont own any Miumiu bags, but there were all these signs on the auction that ring a bell... selling the same bag over and over again, private auctions, bidders identities were blocked... it all rang abell...
    so i posted it on the authenticate thread over here in Miumiu, and thanks s:huh:ooo much to Miu2 :drinks:!!! with her help, i was so sure to tell my frn that she has won a fake! :tpfrox:

    in the meantime my frn also emailed the seller (2earthangels06) asking if they have a refund policy on authenticity & if the seller can send more pictures of the bag including the miumiu cards (after the auction ended).

    the seller responded by avoiding her questions, by complaining how my frn did not ask her questions before the auction ended &

    asking if my frn is not planning to buy it, he/she will offer it to the 2nd highest bidder... and he/she will file to get the eBay fees back...

    so my frn has responded saying that she's not planning to buy it...

    Beware of this seller - 2earthangels06

    :tup:Way to go Miu2!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
    Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm so glad my frn hasnt paid for it before calling me up~~
  5. ................and I'm still awaiting a response from 2earthangels06 accepting my offer :popcorn:
  6. Update: 2earthangels06 never contacted me again and her Coffer auction is going to end in less than an hour. I am going to have my friend bid on it and hopefully win it. She will then ask her to send it directly to MyPoupette. If she refuses, she is going to file a complaint with eBay and ask that she be investigated.
  7. Wow. That's so brave of you. Keep us updated..I hope they get removed. Unfortunately they'll probably be back with a different name..
  8. Wow! Good for you, I wish Ebay was a safe place to do business and not so full of scammers!
  9. wow! i hope people like that stop their nonsense too.
    fancy cheating people of their hard earned money by sellin fakes!
    miu2, you're too sweet to be doing this and i cant wait to know the outcome!
  10. :tup:That is great! I am all for people standing up to these low life criminals!:tup:
  11. Any update?
  12. I love it. Way to go!!!:tup:
  13. She actually BLOCKED my bids!! When I e-mailed her about it she had the audacity to LIE about it and act all shocked, saying that she didn't block me from bidding on her item. So I again told her that I would bid on a Coffer and have it authenticated and she said that she didn't know if she would be getting any more in from"ITALY"!! What a righteous JOKE!!!:roflmfao: Anyway, I told her not to worry because me and "my friends" would keep an eye out for her auctions and will be sure to bid on them in the future. As a matter of fact, I just checked her auctions and found this:http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-YSL-Rive-Gauche-Medium-tribute-Patent-bag_W0QQitemZ250183520103QQihZ015QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    I am going to post it in the YSL authentication thread now. We'll see what happens......................:graucho:
  14. :nuts: Good for you keep us posted on the YSL too! Muhahah I love getting these sellers back