I made an ebay mistake

  1. I listed something at 99 cents with free shipping expecting a bunch of bids and only got one! Now, I cant honour the sale without losing money. What would you do?
  2. why'd you list it at 99cents if you didn't want to sell it at 99cents??

    i mean i always thought that whatever you post it for you should at least expect to pay that. i wouldn't list something low expecting it would go higher...

  3. That's too bad, good lesson.
    You have to honor the auction and maybe next time add a reserve.
  4. OMG....:wtf:
    THAT'S TERRIBLE! Yes, in the future, DON'T put a $.99 start without knowing it might stay there! SOMEONE got a good deal!! What was it, may I ask? Hopefully not a $500 bag! :crybaby:
    I know it saves money to list low, but now you've lost money....
    Know for the next time.....
  5. ohhh ok so it saves money to list low.. the more the price of the item the more money you have to pay..

    im learning this eBay thing now.. ;)
  6. If you don't honor the sale you are left open to a Non Performing Seller claim and also the likliehood of a negative.
  7. well, as a seller on eBay myself for almost 8 years, you have to honor that win and make it a learning experience. many sellers start bids low to avoid the high listing fees (listing fees are based on the starting bid amount). If you dont that buyer will report you and eBay will probably suspend you.

    mail the buyer her item, and move on.
  8. Ouch. It was a cd that I had sitting around. The data from completed sales had me believing it would sell for around 7 dollars. I wasn't trying to avoid paying fees as much as I wanted to get interest.
  9. you have to honor the sale-it's a binding contract. i just hope it's not a very expensive item.
  10. Then what happens if the item gets lost in the mail? I have to refund them, right? Seems like a really bad situation to be in. I have to get tracking which I pay more for to avoid paying double... Looks like a spiral.
  11. Sorry that this has happened to you - like all previous posts l do agree that you will have to post and put this one down to experience. In the UK where postal prices are extortinate! you can go to the post office and get a 'Certificate of Posting' it does not cost you anything extra but should there be a problem with non delivery it guarantees to refund up to £30.00 just over $60. You just hand over the package with the completed slip and all you pay for is the cost of posting. They stamp the completed receipt for you if there is a problem. I havent had any problems with non delivery issues so cannot state exactly how this works.
  12. How much are you charging for shipping? Make sure when you ship it that you use a method that has tracking, such as USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation. If you print the label from your computer, the delivery confirmation is free.
  13. well, its not the end of the world to lose a few dollars as in this case. just honour the sale and move on like the others said, its not worth backing out of the sale for and getting into strife with ebay, we've all lost out with sales at times i'm sure, and don't worry about sending too much either, there's no reason for it to go wrong
  14. Guess you're right. Thanks everyone!
  15. ^you can print a first class with delivery confirmation that's cheaper than priority from paypal. you'll still lose money but at least not as much.