I made a stupid mistake! Help!

  1. Well, I did a stupid thing, bid and won a "100% Authentic" Glitter Ball key ring-from Hong Kong. I received it today and it is sooooo fake! I contacted the seller, called amex (paid thru paypal) and filed a dispute with eBay. The seller wrote back and sounded just as pissed as I was at him! I told him I was taking it to my boutique so they can verify its fakeness. Will the LV store do this for me? This thing looks so bad IRL-its supposed to be silver-its a dull silver-gold, the charms aren't in the right spots and they look odd and the small rings at either end of the glitter ball don't look like the real ones do. The seller listing says "moneyback authenticity" then a few lines down it says, "all sales final/no refunds" WTF? Anyway, seller says he will refund me if I have a letter from LV saying its fake. Amex is going to suspend the charge. Oh and then he says he has a receipt on LV letterhead. Well I know from friends who bought mirror-replicas from China that they include fake, blank LV letterhead so you could easily fake all that too! What kills me is that he's got about 99% positive feedback from over 2000 sales in like 4 yrs. Thats why I thought I'd try this guys product. Who's buying this crap and liking it? Well live and learn, I will only consider MPRS when looking for designer bags or I'll just go to my lovely local LV shop!
  2. LV doesn't do written authentications... heck, most stores don't even authenticate anymore [depending on the manager].

    You need to contact eBay [I suggest talking to one via Live Chat] and explain to them your situation. I hope you get your money back ASAP!
  3. ohh bad! I'm asian but I still get the goosebump whenever I see any designer item from Asia, especially China or Hong Kong. They have the most fakes.I had a Fake-Gucci-experience once...couldn't sleep for 2 days straight. It wasn't a lot of money but it was a lot for A FAKE. Wish you luck!
  4. OMG...so sorry it happne ot you and hope it get resolve..can u post pics so thta we can see it...:tup:

    btw, can u tell me who the seller? i wanted ot buy the glitter ball from 2 ebay seller and now i am scared to do it...:sweatdrop:

  5. aw that sucks *hugs* im sure he wont get away with it! keep us posted on your progress :smile:
  6. If the item is a fake you can always do a chargeback on your credit card you used to pay. Good luck!
  7. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck. What about using mypoupette if you can't get a letter from the boutique?
  8. Please post the auction link. Did you receive the same item as pictured in the auction?
  9. Use Carol at caroldiva.com to authenticate it. She is fast and reliable. You can give her the auction number and she will email you an answer. That should be sufficient for amex etc.
  10. I really hate when auctions state that they'll refund you only if you get a written letter from the boutique stating that the item isn't authentic, as I don't know of a single boutique who would do that.
  11. I know! Some sellers even say in that any statement of non-authenticity has to be given with 72 hours of receipt of the item! MyPoupette takes like a week at least (at least it did for me)
  12. I don't want to dis all China/HK sellers-I DID just receive my LV Multiplicite tote from citygirl33, an MPRS from HK. It is authentic, gorgeous, looks hardly used. I received it in a week. That was a great experience and I highly recommend her-her store has other great pieces-check it out! The only thing is the bag has the funky "Hong Kong smell" I've read about from other TPF'ers, but its faint and it will fade.:tup:
  13. Since I am a computer illiterate sorta I'll give you the item # 350010091436. Yes I did get the same item as pictured, but it is kind of grainy and looked better in the pic. I should've gone with my gut and not bothered with it!
  15. Thanks for the support! Love your Speedy BTW. I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words. You guys on TPF are the kindest, sweetest people around! And people don't understand my addiction-but look at all the great people you meet because of it! You're all invited to NJ! We'll go to Short Hills Mall for a little bag shopping then to my house for dinner and lots of wine (don't worry, I'm a good cook!). LOL. I'm sure this issue will be resolved in my favor so THANK YOU all soooo much!