I made a newbie Hermes error...please help?!

  1. I have stupidly managed to buy a (clearly) fake Hermes bag from eBay. I paid using Paypal which at least had some payment protection. However, Paypal are asking me to confirm that the item purchased is not
    "This documentation should be from an unbiased third party, such
    as an appraiser or dealer. The third party should be someone who is
    qualified to appraise the item you received. The information should be on a letterhead that includes the name, address,
    and phone number of the appraiser so that we may contact them if we require
    additional information. We are unable to reimburse you for any costs
    associated with obtaining this documentation."

    Do you know who I can ask to do this? I'm not hugely keen on going to a Hermes store, but is this the only way?
  2. I see you got some answers for this already in your other post about this in this forum, but try posting this question in the eBay Forum as you'll likely get good advice there:yes: