I made a mistake

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  1. I tried giving my MP some care like my vintage bags, with some lesother conditoner and now it’s full of White residue. And im soo sad. i Tired getting it off with a hot damp cloth But it isent working.

    I know I ****ed up, but any tips?! My Old mom keeps saying it Will fade away from use, But it looks soo bad atm :sad:

    5BD231F8-4358-49CB-B42D-E4FBBF366B2F.jpeg 9B023401-3242-409D-9477-F4D6D476C09C.jpeg 577DB21C-48CC-4F3D-BB26-5D0376BB3634.jpeg
  2. Yikes sorry about this. Not sure why people are spraying bags and/or putting conditioner on them when they are canvas. I just started with my LV collection and notice the canvas seems durable but at the same time i did some research to see what exactly it’s made out of and it’s made of plastic. I think a lot of us may not realize how to deal with the canvas;perhaps the best way is to do nothing, don’t put anything on it other than to wipe it down with a damp cloth for cleaning
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  3. There was a post here about telling how can get rid of this stains . She tells ( if ı am not mistake ) that she used virgin coconut oil .( wiping a cotton cloth piece ) may be that can help you
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  4. Coconut oil will leave a white residue when cold too.
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  5. What kind of leather conditioner did you use? If it's a waxy residue, you could try blow drying it and then wiping when it's melted. Not sure if you'll be able to get all of it off.
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  6. Ok actually I dont have any experiences . May be ıt shall clean all coconut oil by a wet cloth after gettng rid of the stains ( ????)but really I am not sure just I quoted from an old post which belongs to someone who had same problem and got rid of it.
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  7. I would try a bit of hot water with a bit of dish detergent and a soft toothbrush to break up the fats in the conditioner. But your mom is right in that it will probably scrape off with use.
  8. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so that is why it is likely to leave a residue. I wouldn't use an oil to be honest, oils can break down plastic overtime and the coat on the canvas is probably some type of plastic.
  9. This is the only other thing I would try, very sparingly and carefully. Do not keep adding more products onto it (coconut oil, etc)
  10. I don't know how canvas does under low heat but if it's durable enough, one could try putting a layer of paper towel over the surface, and gently using the heat from an iron to melt the oil and lift it?
  11. Would be interesting to know what was in the leather conditioner? I have used many leather conditioners and never had this problem. Thankfully though from pictures it doesn't look like its taken the finish of the canvas off and rather deposited something on top so definitely try soap warm water and toothbrush. Definitely do not try an iron or hot hair drier as that will definitely melt the canvas, I have known people to melt bags left by their radiators..
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  12. I would also not risk applying heat to the canvas. Can you tell us what the leather condition you used is?
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  13. Oof. I guess this goes left unsaid but stop putting leather conditioner on your vintage bags as well. You’re not accomplishing anything by doing so as this is canvas and not leather. As others have mentioned, I would NOT continue to layer on more products like coconut oil and I would NOT iron the canvas, it is not durable whatsoever when it comes to heat. Your only safe option is to continue trying to work it out with soap and water.
    Sorry this happened to you, sometimes we have to learn the hard way :sad: But at least it was a mini pochette and not a bag!!
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  14. Unfortunately I disagree, canvas just like leather can dry out and especially if you have cleaned it. I have had great results by conditioning both and believe that this has prevented my pieces from cracking. To each their own.
  15. You’re more than welcome to do whatever you believe works on your bags but not sure why your canvas would be “dry” - it is literally cotton coated with PVC. Furthermore, not sure why anyone would put leather conditioning on a plastic and cotton bag. Leather conditioners are used on leather because the substance is absorbed by the skin and it restores the skin’s natural flexibility.

    The company strongly advises against putting foreign substances like lotion on the canvas because the chemicals in these conditioners do nothing but destroy the PVC layer, which leads to cracking. You are very lucky you have not experienced this yet and I hope you do not.