I made a first step

  1. I just made a phone call to my local Hermes, a male SA pick up the phone. I was chit-chatting about repolishing bags and stuff before I move on to the real reason behind my phone call --- what else BIRKIN!
    He basically said that I have to purchase a certain amount of goods first. He mentioned a figure and I am skeptical if I have to spend that amount of money first, but I am determined to overcome this. I'm gonna go see when he's on duty perhaps before the end of the week and perhaps just have a talk and buy lil goodies to establish the relationship. He asked for my name, and I told him that I wanna see only him when I come there. I also blatantly told him that the only bags that I basically care about are only birkins and kellys and he understand about this (as most ppl are like this too!). But yeah, Hermes here dont want ppl to make the one time purchase and then run off never coming back. So, instead of after the birkin/kelly, they make it a rule that the purchase for other items (to establish relationship) is a must before the birkin/kelly purchase. Oh, and he also told me that they have some sort of a rank. That is after some level of relationship one would be worth on getting a leather birkin/kelly, then the higher the level one is moving towards ostrich, and then croc!

    This is only the first step. But good news is he said that chamonix and box calf are still being produce! Yay for me! Also, the demands for box and chamonix is low in my country as ppl prefer togo, chevre or exotics. He further said that a box/chamonix birkin would be easier to get coz of the low demand (crossing fingers that it's true!)

    Stay tune for the next part. Like I said, I'm determined to get my birkin from the local Hermes.

    Wish me luck :flowers: I'll update after my visit to Hermes hopefully (if my schedule permits, before the end of the week)..
  2. Wow.
    I'm so surprised the SA was direct with you.
    I like that. It actually makes them normal SALES reps. So do they keep track by placing everyone in their computer system?

    IT's weird because the Kelly bag was my husband's first ever purchase at Hermes.

    Good luck Sarah! And I sure do hope you don't have to spend all that money before you get your dream bag
  3. YAY for you, Sarah! :rochard: Here's wishing you lots of luck!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    Do keep us posted of your visit to your local Hermes! :smile:
  4. Joanna, the "situation" that Sarah described is true for a lot of Hermes stores in Asia, especially Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. I'm actually quite envious of those of you who reside in US and Europe! :smile: In where I live, usually the store manager keeps track of a list of the store customers & how much they spend. The waitlist for Birkins are monitored in a computer database.
  5. Yay Sarah!

    Wow, I'm really amazed that you have to spend a certain amount before even getting on a waitlist for a Birkin and Kelly.
  6. Joanna, Gigi has explain it to you precisely. From what the SA said, our local Hermes is keeping a track on customers' purchases on their database and that the list is being reviewed each month, and my best guess is that the manager is in command for this. I forgot to add that he also informed me basically that when one have establish a relationship with Hermes (i.e. have a good buying record) the way to acquire a birkin/kelly will become so much easier. Hermes here won't even take your name on a waiting list if they dont know you previously/your name's not on the system. Hermes Singapore (based on my experience) will take your name but prolly would do nothing about it behind the scene. I have waitlisted myself in Hermes Singapore roughly 2 yrs ago, and still nothing. The SA also said to always make sure that I put my name down everytime I'm buying something there so I'm on the record. I also asked him about the slim possibility about getting an unwanted/cancelled bag, and he said the chances are like almost zero. Prolly coz our Hermes here is small, they dont receive large shipments, and therefore, there is always someone on the list that will be offered that unwanted/cancelled bag.

    There is also another way. I have a friend of mine who knows the owner of our local Hermes. He promise to introduce me to the lady, but I'm not too sure when that'll be happening. I know that with the lady's instruction I will be able to get any bag quickly, hehehe. Okay, I think I have dream too much for right now, LOL..

    But, this should be interesting. I will document every step that I take from now on. I hope there's a happy ending on this :flowers:
  7. Oh and Joanna, Gigi, and La Van..

    I think I will have to purchase some items no matter what. But there is no way for me to buy an expensive bag like bolide for example, that I dont really want just to get the birkin. There is a limit on what I can spend, and I only want to buy things that would be useful to me, like the twillys (I can def use those for the bags), or the charms, or even the wallets (even a wallet cost a minimum of 1000 :noworry: ). I dunno if this will work, but I'm hoping to familiarize my face to the SAs there by coming frequently just to chat or buy small itty bitty things like the perfume. But then again, Hermes "itty bitty" things would prolly end up costing like 1 bag at the end if I add them up, so what do you guys think I should do? Make a big purchase for a bag and establish myself one time with an amount noticable enough OR come there often to chat a lot with the SAs and buy small things one at a time, therefore making a long list of small purchases?

    And Joanna, even a kelly is quite hard to get in here. But when I bought mine in London, I was just a walk in customer buying for the 1st time, so it's def different policies in every country.

    I think it's quite essential to get a good relationship with the SAs. Heck, I dont even mind taking them for a coffee just to have a chat, LOL. Or is it the manager that holds the essential key? LOL.. I feel like I'm planning an robbery or something here!

    I'll get a feel first after my 1st visit :rolleyes:
  8. Sarah, I am talking to you with complete support and excitement, BUT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS LIKE THAT!!!! Forgive me, but where are you located?

    I really wish you all the best and I hope a bag is in your near future. I just have a problem that you have to purchase things to make a purchase. (especially in some areas like Gigi said they keep a tally) That is not my style and the way I like to do business. My family has a business and we would never treat our custmers as such.

    It has taken me a while to get a birkin because of the whole waitlist game. You know what? I suppose if I bought a lot of other goodies my name would move up that list quickly. So, I guess in a way it is the same policy. It just works a bit differently. I would rather get my bag first and then be able to accessories and such to match. Not the other way around.

    Hopefully, it will move swiftly for you!!!! I wish you all the very best.
  9. A manager is the key! It is the same at my store in the U.S. They hold the power.

    When you purchase, only buy what you love!!! Don't buy a bag unless you really love it. Better to buy small items even if for gifts at holidays etc.
  10. I suggest that before you make small purchases or a big purchase to go to the shop regularly at first. Familiarize yourself with the SAs and I suggest to know at least a couple because you'll never know if your regular SA is still working there when your time for a Birkin arrives. Also, get to know the store manager.

    Also, simply just chat with them about colors, leathers, hardware, etc. You can also ask more about other bags that they have and other small goodies.

    Then, once you are ready, you can decide better whether it makes better sense to make one big purchase or regular small purchases.

    I know that Birkins and Kellys are sought out the most, but other Hermes bags are also very nice and quite practical. For instance, instead of buying a couple of bags from LV, Chanel and Prada, you can also consider other Hermes bags. The Evelyne, Picotin and Masai are gorgeous bags on their own and don't cost as much as a Paris-Bombay, Bolide, Kelly or Birkin.

  11. Thanks Kellybag :flowers: I think I'm gonna need the support, especially not knowing what the road will be like in the journey.

    I'm in Indonesia, we have only 1 Hermes. Gigi is in Singapore, she understands this precisely coz it's more or less the same thing over there too.

    Kellybag, I think Hermes in here they are afraid that if their customers are getting their birkins first that it will only be a one time purchase and they would never be back, therefore they have no more customers who want to buy their other things. So, they're making it the other way around, that is: buy other things first, then you're allowed a birkin/kelly. I view this as just another tactic to boost their sales, so to speak.

    I think it is more or less has to do with location. With you US gals, you are a big country with many Hermes shops, that's prolly why it's a lil different over there too. But Kellybag, you are still fortunate you can still get your birkin. Hermes here just wont look at you if you're a stranger to them, let alone getting in the list :noworry:

    It sucks, but then it will prolly be my best bet. I can also try the eBay way, but I'm still scared of shipping. First of all, I wont pay taxes, therefore full insurance is not an option, which leaves me with declaring a low amount and getting the risk of lost/stolen! Last time I bought my thalassa birkin it was a short distance (the seller was in Asia too), I declared the bag for 50 bucks only shipped via Fedex and paid no taxes. Luckily, the seller under-packed the bag in an ugly box that didnt attract attention. I was lucky the bag made it home safely to me. But buying from a country (where most of the reputable sellers are) like US or UK that are so faraway, I dont think I can risk it.
  12. Kellybag and La Van..

    Great suggestions! Who knows that I might have a different preferences once I get to the store, right? A bolide might sound far away for me now, but what if I fall in love when I see one in the right size/color? Or the PB bag?

    Okay, another to add on my mental note: manager is the key, and play around first before deciding to purchase anything.
  13. Wow! I want to say congrats but this really bothers me! How unfair!
  14. Sarah, just when I think my situation is bad I meet someone that has a worse situation. I really can't respond with much. Keep up the faith...I do know that referrals work from good customers, so always stay cordial and meet people. Never stop talking.
  15. Wow - not only does it vary from store to store, but really does from country to country. I'm wishing you the best of luck, Sarah!!
    Still, make frequent visits to get to know a SA - this can only help.