I made a deep deep DINK in my chanel fund for These 2 babies.....

  1. Hi girls!

    Received these 2 today..... had a fund for fall 06 chanel items, but when i had the chance to get these 2.. i couldn't resist..... :Push:

    What do you think??? :love:

    2004 Rose Pink Weekender
    2005 Apple Green City
  2. Simply to die for!
  3. OMGOSH waterfalls!!

    Am LOVING ya Rose Pink Weekender :love: :love: :love:
  4. Who cares about Chanel? Your BBags are gorgeous!
  5. chanel is boring IMO... these are FABULOUS!
  6. beautiful bag!!! i LOVE the rose color :love:

    congratulations :flowers:
  7. Congrats! They're so much nicer and more special than chanels, great buy!
  8. Love the apple green! I'm still looking for an apple green twiggy... Sigh.
  9. thanks girls!! i'm excited!

    haha.. and what's this about casting chanel aside??? better not let the chanel forum girls hear about this... hehe
  10. wow, you did the right thing waterfalls, those are gorgeous :drool:...besides, i think chanel is so blah compared to b-bags :upsidedown:
  11. Ohhh Waterfalls- they're so gorgeous!:heart: Especially that rose- that huge bag with that beautiful color!!!!:love: I've never seen a rose weekender!
  12. Oh you absolutely did the right thing! I am not even a pink lover and that Rose is just amazing! *and* an Apple Green City! Congratulations, they are gorgeous!!

    I wish you well,

  13. I am smitten by your rose - did not know I LOVE:love: that color - and the apple is sassy!
  14. I love Chanel bags but you did the right thing, those two b-bags are TDF!:love:
  15. Gorgeous color the Rose weekender is! It's so pretty! And I agree you made a great choice...bbags over chanel anyday!