I made a decision ...

  1. Since the boss was "working from home" today. I decided to go back to H to look at the BJ Lindy and weigh my options. The SA's were very nice and brought several Rouge G, BJ, and Swift bags for me to look try on. The choices were between a Kelly, a Trim, a Berlingot, and the Lindy.

    So, who came home with me...
    Brought Something Home.JPG
  2. Arrgh! I am not good with guesses. I failed miserably guessing foxie-pooh's bag, so you better just spill!
  3. We have a 500 post minimum for strips......

    just joking....
  4. Let's go!!!!
  5. a BJ lindy or rouge kelly?
    tell us ...:smile:
  6. 494 and counting down
  7. I'll show you a little more.
  8. LOL Rose!!!
  9. :heart:Rose! :lol:
  10. :graucho:and and .... ??????
  11. This is my first time. I don't want to disappoint. I'm afraid of showing too much too soon.
    The Beautiful Orange Dustbag.JPG
  12. I forgot to mention, I also took a look at a bolide and a Paris Bombay.
  13. I wanna see....I wanna see...at least show me some legs...
  14. Since you forgot to mention these upfront, then the baby you brought home cannot possibly be either of them!
  15. Just have fun! That is what this is all about- and we are addicts, we can't get enough!:nuts: