I Made A BIG Mistake-Help !!!

  1. I was looking at three auctions for the same bag. I read all the descriptions then chose one I liked, while I was still watching the other two. I bid on the bag I wanted, or so I thought. Turns out I bid on two of the bags. I didn't want the one I won, I wanted the one I was outbid on. My kids were running in and out of the house from the pool. I guess I was distracted, and started bidding on two bags thinking it was the same bag
    I've won alot of things on eBay with no problems. But, I don't want this bag. It has ink marks on the lining and it's kind of worn. I feel really bad, but I don't want to pay for a bag I don't want.
    Is there a way to get out of the sale unscathed?
  2. You could write the seller a nice message to explain what happened and ask the seller to cancel the transaction. You should volunteer to pay the seller eBay listing fee since that is not refundable. Once both parties agree to cancel the transaction, the seller will not be charged the final fee, and the buyer will not receive an unpaid strike.

    Unfortunatlly, the decision now is on seller's hand. If he/she doesn't agree, you either have to pay it and have a bag you don't want; or you don't pay at all so to receive an unpaid strike.
  3. ^^Yeah I agree.
    Unfortunately it's not always a given that the seller will accept your explanation and they might make you go through with it since it's a binding contract. Just be honest with the seller.
  4. Ditto. I think it is a question of simply prevailing on his or her good will and hoping they respond kindly. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. i agree with what's being said.

    if they're a regular seller, they may not care and go with the flow, but if they particularly need the money, they may hold you to it. just come clean and hopefully it will work in your favor. good luck!
  6. I agree with other :smile: but sometimes seller won't tolerate it, I wish you encounter very nice seller, good luck.
  7. Yeah I totally agree too. Be completely honest with the seller and hope for the best really.

    Offering to pay the eBay listing fees is a good idea.
  8. Thank you so much for your advice. I stayed uplate this morning thinking about and I am just sick about it. I'm usually so careful.

    I sent the seller a message apologizing for my mistake. I asked to cancel the transaction and offered to pay the listing fee, if she agreed.

    I feel extremely selfish. This is a bag I really love, and have wanted for sometime. If i have to buy it I will. It is worn but maybe I can clean it up to my satisfaction. I just know that I am very anal when it comes to my handbags, and I won't be as happy as I should be. I read the auction again (for the tenth time), and looked at the pictures. There is damage apparent in the pictures not mentioned in the ad, and also pieces are missing that aren't mentioned either.

    I am kicking myself for being so dumb. :crybaby:
  9. EEK! Well, a mistake is a mistake and I hope the seller will understand that!

  10. Please let us know how this worked out.
    It happens. There are 2 or 3 bags on e-bay right now that I keep mixing up. Can she or he make a second chance offer to the runner-up?
  11. Like andi said, I'm pretty sure the seller is able to make a second chance offer? Good luck and keep us posted as to what the seller can do for you. I'm sure things will turn out well :smile:
  12. I agree with the others, the only thing you can do is hope the seller is agreeable. Worse case I guess you could resell it. Fingers crossed for an understanding seller.
  13. ^^^ITA, please keep us posted!
  14. Maybe the seller will be understanding. I try to be when I sell stuff. If you outbid someone maybe the seller could 2nd chance an offer to the next bidder. If its a couple dollars I would be willing to make that up rather than get a bag I didnt want.

    Good luck, that same thing happened with me I was sending $ with paypal. I hit send by accident and the $ came out of my account. I always pay with a CC and I didnt get to change to that option yet. I totally understand how you feel. My kids were getting out of control that day as well.
  15. I am dying here.

    The seller hasn't contacted me yet. I'm going to resend my email if I don't get a response by 11pm.