I"M GOING TO NEW YORK!! Which bag to buy?\

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  1. OMG!!! My boyfriend just bought us tickets to New York for spring break!!! Less than 300 each!!!! :yahoo:New York is my dream!!! Lucky for me my cousin lives there so I can bunk with her!!! I'm actually going to shop down 5th avenue!!!

    Now, for some Coach business...what Coach stores are the best AND more importantly, what should I buy?? Also, is there an outlet in NYC? I don't know what to do! or what bags to bring!! :nuts: A dream of a lifetime...finally come true :love:
  2. Wow, thats so great to hear! i've always wanted to go to the big NY as well, i'm sure you will have a fantastic time! I bet they have a killer COACH store there! As long as you buy some COACH I think anything that you buy will be fab! Have a great time! :tup:
  3. anyone have a PCE they'd like to donate to the Melanie is Going Shopping in New York City Fund...:upsidedown:
  4. Congratulations on your trip to NYC!!! :yahoo:I hope I can live life vicariously through you as that has been a life-long dream of mine to see NYC. Buy a Madeline bag or an Ergo. Does your cousin know where all the Coach stores are? Will she take you around? I'd be scared to drive in NY, even though I'm not generally afraid of driving, just afraid of not knowing where I am or where I'm going. lol
  5. thank you!!! my cousin is not much of a coach type...but she says she'll take me around...i'll just walk everywhere...or take a cab, bus...etc...oh both bags sound great...this is all so tempting!!
  6. Welcome to NY! No coach outlets in NYC, but there is one on long island. Pretty far from manhattan. But they do have a flagship store in manhattan and a legacy boutique that gets special pieces. Check those out!
  7. Have a wonderful time! It's the stuff dreams are made of to get to go there. Walking, buses sound like the best way to get around when you're in a big, strange city.
  8. where in new york are you staying because there are coach stores everywhere, and like glamgirl said there is an outlet store in Riverhead which has soooo much stuff for great prices. Have fun!
  9. Lucky you! I say go for the Legacy boutique! :nuts:
  10. Awww enjoy your trip!!

    I love bringing someone to NYC who has never been there. I grew up with a view of the skyline from my house, so I have always taken NYC for granted, but the look on the face of an outsider is priceless. They are always so happy.

    And it's always fun to buy a bag in a new city! I bought my first Fendi in Vegas. It is just exciting to be in a different place and splurge on something.
  11. I don't go to the city often, mostly stay in Brooklyn and Queens, I hate dealing with all of the people in the city, but there are tons of Coach stores there. There is also Woodbury Commons upstate which from my house in Brooklyn is the same distance as the one in Riverhead. You can take a train to Woodbury Commons from the city. Have Fun!
  12. Have fun ! I would check out the legacy boutique. I am not sure if you can use PCE on limited addition pieces. I would send you one if I had one but didn't get one this time for some reason even though I spent more this past few months on coach than my whole life !
  13. If you're looking for an outlet, I'd go to the Woobury one over the Long Island one. More stores, and generally I've found better deals a tWoodbury...although it does get crowded. It's also easier to go to the one in Woodbury because of the transportation. Not sure about the Coach stores in NYC (but it's been covered), but there's one at Roosevelt Field in Long Island although I doubt you'll be venutring off to the island.
  14. The Coach boutique at Madison Avenue @ 57th in midtown Manhattan is pretty neat. I also love checking out the handbags at Bloomies and Bergdorf Goodman. They have gorgeous bags that are tdf :drool: !!

    Be sure to also check out the Legacy boutique at Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village!

    If I were you, I would get something unique that you can't find at your local boutique - maybe something that is exclusive to the Legacy boutique???!!
  15. OMG congrats!!!!!

    trips are so exciting!!

    Make sure you stop by the legacy boutique downtown NY and also the boutique at 57th and madison!!!

    Also, for outlets, stop by woodbury commons which is upstate NY!
    There is a NJ Transit train that goes there for 16 bucks round trip!!! once u get there, u take a 3 dollar cab to the outlets!!!

    The Riverhead outlet usually sucks everytime I go, and plus Woodbury commons is great for non coach items as well, and they also have an Off 5th that has coach shoes and some accessories sometimes and older style bags! Good luck!!!